My Grandpa Is A Dinosaur!!

I have the cutest book to tell you about today. My Grandpa Is A Dinosaur! By Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones.

Oh my gosh! Have you ever stopped to think how little kids see us Grandparents? I remember when my oldest use to play with the wrinkles on MY Grandma’s face. It was funny to me, a young mother “Selena; what are you DOING?!) (Today I would be mortified. I’m sorry Gran’ma! Wrinkles aren’t funny!! I know that now!)

In this adorable book a little girl has been watching her grandpa for a long time, and she is almost certain that he is a dinosaur. So why does nobody believe her? Why can’t anyone else see what she sees? He roars! (And no, it’s not just a snore.) He has green skin! (And no, he’s not from outer space.) He has a tail! (And no, he’s not a horse!) The little girl is determined to get to the bottom of this. It’s time to ask Grandpa once and for all: Is he a dinosaur?

Okay let’s examine Grandpa. Well, Grandpa’s aren’t really known for their patience and well speaking only from my experience; they can’t hear so they yell. To a little one that sure could be a dinosaur! Then there’s the green skin. Those deep-set wrinkles that mean you’ve experienced life to it’s fullest could very possibly look a little green. (Maybe in the right light?) hummmm could be a dinosaur. Grandpa’s tail. Well, I have a theory on that one too. Ever watched Grandpa with a walker?? Hunched over and his tush sticks out a little too far; far enough to knock stuff off a side table…….. could be a dinosaur tail. Yup, the more I think about this book the more I’m thinking that MY OWN Grandpa was a dinosaur!

This is a fun! Funny! Kids book for ages 6 to 8. But Alice thoroughly and totally LOVED this book so I would say everyone young or old will get a huge kick out of My Grandpa Is A Dinosaur! Just learning about the little girls family; from siblings to parents will have you and your child laughing!



I can’t imagine ever whining about a book that Alice and I can share. One that makes her laugh? Even better!! One that makes her say “Read it again” is 100% a keeper!!

You can find My Grandpa Is A Dinosaur on Sky Pony Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores.

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author & Illustrators: Richard Fairgray, Terry Jones
Publication Date: 5-17-2016
Number of Pages: 32 Pages
Book Type: Hardcover
Size: 10″ by 12″

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’ll always have the memories of R., my niece, sitting on Dad’s knee while he read nonsense poems to her! Edward Lear’s ‘The Dong with the Luminous Nose’ was one of her favourites!


    Aw! My maternal grandmother had a stroke when she gave birth to Mum ( at home of course) which left her in a permanent child-like state, and I can always remember the local children knocking on the door asking if she was coming out to play with them!

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