My Review Wish List & what I’m entering this week!!

I thought I would shake things up a bit for my Sunday “what I’m entering post” I am adding my wish list of what I want to review!!   You never know someone might know someone they could forward this too… (yup… I am allllll about the subtle!)

I will be heading to Yosemite soon and I would love to review anything to do with cold weather camping, hiking, campfires with special emphasis on an 11 month old!  That made your eyes go wide didn’t it???   Yup, in a tent with Baby Alice.  Don’t worry when I return I’ll share my experience and either a vow to never do it again or …  I can’t wait to do it again!! Along with tons of pictures!!

#1 on my list is a:  Rough terrain stroller.  I don’t even know if there is such a thing??  A stroller that will  hike through the forest of Yosemite??  Ummm I’m thinking no.  But it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Baby boots?  Baby sleeping bag? What does one do with an 11 month old under the stars??  I’m thinking in the sleeping bag with Mommy or Na Na?  (What has worked for you?)

So that’s my wish list………. mid May is when we will be going so if you’d like a hands on review with tons of pictures please see the little bird to your right with my email address.

Now on to what I’m entering this week……..

First up is a SnapTotes giveaway is being held at Hope’s Cafe  I love LOVE LOVE Snap Totes!!  I’ve carried my same wallet for years and it’s still in perfect shape!!  But I need a new one to include my newest Grandbaby Alice and updated pictures of Emma and Eli.  So I need to win this one!!

The Thrifty Things is giving away a Mohawk Rug.   I really want a nice rug for the livingroom.  I know I’ve told you before, we have tile floors… and Baby Alice is learning to crawl, a nice Mohawk Rug would be perfect!!  I would pick this one.  LOVE the colors!!

How about these cute little Cuddle Covers??  Aren’t they adorable??
This giveaway is over at Aubut Family

And last but not least, Tike Stix looks like so much fun!!  This giveaway is over at Sippy Cup Mom
What a great way to learn to build a fort??  I would love to see what Emma & Eli could build with this!!


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