Namely Newborns Review

Hang on to your seats!! Cause this review has cuteness overload written allllllll over it!!!  This absolutely adorable monkey is from Namely Newborns   Now don’t let the name fool you, there are tons of baby items well beyond the newborn stage.  
Baby Alice and I were lucky enough to be able to review the Huggy Buddy Silly Strips Chocolate Monkey.
Other than Alice can you find a cuter face?!?!?!  Look at this monkey!!
I wish there was feel-a-texture on this blog, because I can’t seem to find the perfect words to describe how soft this little Gund Monkey is.   Saying he is super plush, extremely Soft SOFT SOFT!! just doesn’t seem to do it justice!! 
The face side of the body has a light gold satin. That can be personalized. (I’m thinking Baby Shower gift?? Oh man, wouldn’t you be the hit of that SHOWER!!)   
The back of the monkey has a plush soft fur. 
(Have I mentioned that this little guy is SOFT?!?!)   The ears, tail and underside of the arms are a knit material.  
The entire monkey is machine washable and lay out to dry. 
There are no parts that could come loose. The eyes, nose and mouth are stitched. The ears, arms and tail are sewn on with babies in mind.  The workmanship is awesome! I pulled at all the parts of the monkey and I’m confident that Alice will not be able to pull this little guy apart!  He will be around for YEARS!! 

Now… for Baby Alice’s Review……….

Looks cute!!  Check!

Loves kisses!!  Check!

Loves hugs!!  Check!

Makes me laugh out loud!!  Check!! 

Huggable! Check!!

Squish-able!  Check!!

Alice and I give Namely Newborns 4 big Thumbs UP!!!  Right now this little guy is on sale for $18.00!

Follow Namely Newborns on Facebook for a secret $5.00 off coupon on your first purchase of $15.00 or more for Peanut Butter and Whine followers.  

Namely Newborns is a THE store for baby gifts!  Blankets (personalized options too!!) Layettes, Corporate gifts, bibs, toys, handcrafted keepsakes, seriously the list goes on and on!!  You will not be disappointed!!

Gund Huggy Buddy Silly Stripes Chocolate Monkey was provided for the purpose of this review.
All thoughts and opinions are 100% Baby Alice and mine!!
(I did take the liberty of translating for Baby Alice… she is kinda hard to understand at times!)

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