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I admit it…. I am among other things, a magazine junkie!  The day the magazine arrives I will flip through the pages and look at all the pictures.  I will dog ear the articles I want to read and I will add a post it to ads I want to look at or research more.

Natural Child WorldWhen Natural Child World arrived I was first impressed with the quality of the paper.  I know… you don’t really want to know about the paper, but, as much as I am a packaging nut….. well, I’m the same with magazines. NCW has premium heavy weight pages. (Although, NCW is now available as a digital download! With extended content, videos, direct shopping, and the ability to share with your friends).

First impression with the flip through.  Love the photo’s. Since taking pictures is one of my VERY favorite things to do, I’m always looking at the angle and composition of photos. From the first pages, which include the photo’s of the contributors. I love seeing the faces of the writers. (They’re a friendly lookin’ bunch… except maybe Clint …. course he’s a stay-at- home Dad with 4 boys…. never mind… ‘nough said.  4 boys?  Ummmm, (shutter) I’ve always said if my son Zachary would have been born first he’d of been an only child!  Although, Zac is an amazing man now!)

The articles are thorough and enticingly written.  For instance, in the May/June 2012 issue, there is an article about Acupuncture’s Healing Needles.  I adore Acupuncture, I had NO idea your children could be introduced to Acupuncture!!  Did you know Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles uses Acupuncture for children with chronic pain?  AMAZING!!

NCW has a “Tested for You” section which I loved!!  Amazingly, the test for May/June 2012 is strollers.  The strollers they tested have me drooling all over these pretty pages, chanting, I want… I want… I want!!!  Each stroller has a web site address for you to research more or find a retailer near you.  (Seriously! You should see the color combo on the iCandy Peach stroller!  from… it’s so pretty…… the only way it would look better is if it had Baby Alice in it!!)

NCW’s November/December 2012 has “Selected For You” article on Kitchens.  Kitchens that would make even a non cook weep!! Soooo prettty.

The section on Wellness for Life in the May/June 2012 is about Food Allergies.  Do you know the signs to look for with your child?  Not just skin hives, but hyperactive after eating? Insomnia?  Very interesting article!.

The section “Love Fed” has a recipe for Raw Foods.  YUM! I gotta say this Berry Beautiful Chia Bowl looks delicious!!

I like the Resources section in the back of the magazine, no more flipping through to find that advertisement you wanted.  There is a small product write up and photo, with a web site in the back pages.

November/December 2012 issue has a Holiday Gift Guide with so many modern and creative ideas! All earth friendly!  Even a Mom & Dad section that will find it’s way to DH’s desk for Valentine idea’s!!

The May/June 2012 issue called Jack n Jill has a men’s section which is the back, but you turn the magazine around and the magazine begins again with articles written towards Dads. To me, there is nothing more sexy than a hands on DADDY!!

The first article is Finding Your Prince In A Sea of Toads: What Dads Wish They Could Tell Their Daughters. Awesome a great article!!

There are several articles written by Dads that are amazing. How about Paul Lindley? He owns Ella’s Kitchen.  We’ve all (or at least most of us, fed our tot’s Ella’s Kitchen foods! Those packets are awesome!!) Learn just how Ella’s Kitchen came to be.

There are articles on a Man’s Perspective on Pregnancy and Sex in the May/June 2012 issue that is worth ordering a back issue to read.

November/December 2012 issue has an article about choosing Non-Toxic toys! Things we as gift givers need to know. It’s not a matter of ‘cute’ I’ll take it!! Now you have to know…. is it safe, are there choking hazards, is it contaminated with chemicals?  This article tells you what to look for on the label.

This is a great magazine. Excellent articles. There are a lot of advertisements, but, the ad’s look like part of the articles!  I love that….. everything blends together to make a great statement.  Besides, several of these products I didn’t know existed and are now marked so I can check out for future gifts.

Two THUMBS way UP for Natural Child World Magazine.
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Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


  • AlicesMom

    I have to admit that when I saw the magazine on the table, took in to account the texture and weight of it I thought “what kind of hippy magazine has she subscribed us to now?” You can judge me, I would. Its an awesome mag.

  • AlicesMom

    I have to agree with the texture of the magazine – it reminds me of trade paper books. LOVE IT.
    The stroller is very cute Mom – in a Beckham sort of way, but you realize Alice is almost two now and if we tried to wedge her into a bassinet stroller it would be similar to putting a cat into a bath. People would judge us and our bad-ass stroller stuffed with a giant baby.

  • Diane K.Brimmer

    Wow! Sounds like a great magazine. Funny you said that about your son, Zac. I have always said that about my son, Bryan. He was not an easy one to raise. Still has his times but I love every hair on that 25 year olds head. Back to the Natural Child World Magazine. I can’t wait to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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