Natural Dynamix Kids Gummy Vitamins and Echinacea!!

I found the best multi vitamins for Alice Natural Dynamix for Kids! Of course the first thing I did when I opened the bottle was try one. These are GOOD!!! So good that you should make sure these are up away from kids! You don’t want them eating the whole bottle. Yup, they are that good!!  They are soft and taste great.

All of Natural Dynamix Gummy Cuties use only natural colors and flavors. The colors Natural Dynamix uses are natural plant based colorants including annatto, black carrot juice and tumeric.

These vitamins have all the essentials that kids need. It’s hard to make sure that kids get all of the vitamins that they need, sure you try to give them a balanced diet. But, toddlers like 2 year old Alice don’t always eat those balanced meals!! These little Gummy Cuties are the PERFECT answer! The perfect kids vitamin!!

Added bonus Vitamin D makes you AND your tot’s taste bad to mosquito’s and bugs!! This worked on my son during mosquito season and it’s working on Alice now!! Those bugs love the taste of Alice! MAN that baby was getting bit all the time! She hasn’t been bit since we starting using Natural Dynamix Gummy Cuties! YEAH!!!!  Cutie vitamins are $13.99 for 60 cuties. This is a full 30 day supply. No bug bites………. totally worth it!!

Natural Dynamix has an entire line of Gummy’s.  From Cuties Multi-vitamins, Calcium with Vitamin D, Echinacea, and Omega-3 DHA/EPA!! Natural Dynamix for Kids!

The Gummy Cuties Echinacea with Vitamin C and Zinc are another amazing product!! Help keep your little guys from getting sick. But, we received the Gummy Cuties Echinacea for kids while Alice was already sick. I’m telling you this knocked her cold out faster than ANYTHING I’ve tried before!! Her running nose was gone in 2 days! She was running around like normal in a day!! I highly recommend these!! $14.99 for 30 cuties. A little on the pricey side because you have to give two cuties a day. BUT on the other hand her cold went away FAST!!! As Sarah reminded me comments, Echinacea shouldn’t be given daily, this is just when kids are coming down with a cold or have a cold. This isn’t something to give kids daily.

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Alice and I give Natural Dynamix kids Gummy Vitamins and Echinacea 4 thumbs WAY WAY UP!!!

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