NewAir 126 Can Beverage Fridge!! Bring On The Snow!!

Okay, I’m not serious about the title…., don’t bring on the snow. HONEST I WAS ONLY KIDDING!!!!!!! This will be my first winter in Idaho from sunny California. With that said, we are sorta ready to get snowed in without me going all Jack from The SHINING on The Husband!

My craft room is fully stocked with projects. YEAH ME!!  I have tons of DVD’s. Several new books.

My kitchen if fully stocked with meals from Martha Stewart. She and I are getting to be BFF’s!! (she just doesn’t know it, but her meal delivery service is AMAZING!!!!!!!)

My freezer is stocked. We will not go hungry! Extra ice cream too! Does snow make anyone else crave ice cream?

The most IMPORTANT item for being snowed in? Soda and beer! Yup, this girl likes her beer and her Diet Dr Pepper and now those items are NOT taking up valuable fridge or pantry space!! These items are now the perfect temperature cold all day. EVERY DAY. Thank you NewAir!!

My first set of pictures made us look like full on alcoholics so I rearranged the fridge to cover up most of the beer bottles. I don’t want anyone thinking that is all we do is drink all day. (ALTHOUGH……. if we are snowed in for days and days that story may change and we might not have enough beer!!)

Starting with the packaging. DANG!!! These guys can pack for me ANYTIME!! Seriously, had the folks at NewAir packed my house up for the move we wouldn’t have lost a single dish or bowl! This fridge arrived without a single dent, scratch or ding.

Set up couldn’t have been easier! Unwrap, add handle, plug in and done.

Inside this beverage fridge is cavernous! When they say it will hold 126 cans they mean ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY SIX can!

We decided to give up some can space for bottles by simply laying the bottles on their side and there is still plenty of room for cans! I’m serious; this fridge has SPACE!

More perks besides holding 126 cans? There is a lock! Yes, if you have kids at home there is a lock. This is a good thing! Thinking about my own kids. I’m certain that Selena would have found a way to lock her little brother Zachary inside. Second, thinking about my own kids once again ………. beer. Enough said right??

Insulated. VERY well insulated. Our construction worker decided to unplug the little fridge and we didn’t catch it until late evening. The fridge was unplugged for several hours. Everything was still perfectly cold. You can set the temperature anywhere from 34° to 64°.

Double paned glass front and brushed silver housing.

Best yet?  It’s only 18.25″ wide and under 34″ high, it holds a surprising amount of refreshment in a very compact footprint.

There is a light inside that switches on if you need it.


PAAAALEASSEEEE!!! NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler would be my number 1 Christmas pick for a man cave or she shed! Because again……. 126 cans of ice cold drinks!! SWEET!!! No complaints at all!! Beautiful to look at! Doesn’t eat up a lot of energy. Very well insulated. Looks great! So? What would I have to complain about?!





  • Diane K. Brimmer

    That is totally awesome! I love it! That would be just so great to even have while camping. My daughter camps at the Fair in the 4H section. It would be perfect for that. Especially having the lock! Thanks for the info.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I need that! I have a tiny fridge in my room that holds a six pack, and a bigger one that holds my cheese, yogurt, etc., but they’re not nearly as impressive as this one.

    • Connie Gruning

      OH Tamra, This mini fridge is AMAZING!!!!!! We keep it in the garage and when the contractors want to keep their lunch cold it was available. Cold water. Soda. It’s AWESOME!! I highly recommend it!

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