NewAir WCD-210BK Hot & Cold Water Cooler Review

So, last week Alice and I were hanging around the water cooler; I know she is only three and the water cooler is in the dining room and not an office, but still that’s where we were sitting, having a lengthy discussion. Why the long discussion on the floor in front of the water cooler? Well, it wasn’t to discuss the latest Sons of Anarchy episode. Nope, it was to discuss why she shouldn’t push the button and make the water come out…. out as in all over the floor…. ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR!!!
I needed to know, WHY?? WHY do we have to let the water out? Well, so it can make the blub, blub, blub sound of course. The bonus is getting to jump in puddles. Yes this information made me hang my head and laugh.
WELL, hello sweet little peanut!! This NaNa has a brand new water cooler!! An exceptional water cooler at that!!! So, why get excited over a water cooler? Lot’s of reasons. HOT water any time I want it. Hot enough to add a teabag and enjoy!! I LOVE THAT!!! COLD water anytime!! I truly love the cold water feature!! Really cold water anytime I want makes it a lot easier to up my water intake!!
Next it looks beautiful in the diningroom!! Sleek black and silver. It’s really NICE!!!
The real reason that I am giddy over this water cooler is the childproof buttons!! OH YEAH little girl!! This NaNa WINS!! There will be no more puddles. There will be no more blub blub blub noise. HA!!!


In order to get water you have to push the smaller button up into the larger button. Then depress the big button. Something a 3 year old can’t do! (okay, okay, she can’t do it YET!) I apologize for how dark this video is, the corner in the diningroom doesn’t have a lot of light. I just want you to get an idea of how easy it is to use the childproof button.

With a simple black design the NewAir WCD-210BK water cooler would be perfect anywhere! This sleek cooler will fit in the kitchen, game rooms, gyms or offices. Between the stylish push button controls and light indicators, this unit is definitely one of the safest and polished units on the market. Both the hot and cold water faucets have a child safety feature. You also have the option of turning off the hot and cold water flows, as there is a safety switch for their valves to the reverse of the unit.

Compatibility & Bottle Spike Feature

Easy to install a 2, 3 and 5 gallon bottles of water into this water cooler. Situated at the top of the unit is a spike puncture for the seal of the bottle, simply remove the label from the cap of the bottle, place it on top of the unit and pour!!


When you are filling taller water bottles there is plenty spacing between the drip tray and the thin faucets. The reservoir is stainless steel.

This cooler is whisper quiet!!

This cooler comes with many great features, one of its most striking features is that it was manufactured with SS304 metal to create a stainless steel water tank which actually eliminates the “plastic” water taste, which is quite common with most coolers on the market. Remember having a water cooler in your home or office will encourage everyone to increase their daily intake of H2O.

UL Certified & R134A Refrigerant

The WCD-210BK water dispenser from NewAir comes with a UL certification and meets FDA standards. This ensures that it is safe and will help you and stay refreshed and hydrated.

Convenient, Money Saving & Installation Free

With the NewAir WCD-210BK water cooler literally takes nothing to install. Remove from the box, position where you want, plug it in and add water. DONE!! Hindsite would be to throw away all the Styrofoam packing or you’ll be vacuuming that up for days…. perhaps weeks…. because 3 year old’s are sneaky and will hide bigger pieces to play with at a later time!!

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Not a single solitary one!! Two very enthusastic thumbs UP, WAY, WAY WAY UP for my new NewAir WCD-210BK Water Cooler!! Alice however wasn’t as generous. She misses the BLUB, BLUB, BLUB!!!


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