NinaQueen Pandora Inspired Charms

Anyone that wears a Pandora Style bracelet knows that getting those bracelets filled is expensive!! Thank you NinaQueen for giving me a wonderful alternative!! Check out these beautiful Pandora Inspired Charms!!

Starting with the NinaQueen Blue Enamel Lucky Easter Egg Charm. This is such a pretty charm! Made with .925 Sterling Silver, along with the clear cubic-zirconia stones this beautiful blue enameled charm stands out!! Egg shaped with silver accents this charm looks so much like a Faberge Egg. It’s so pretty!! Truly a beautiful addition to my bracelet.

The second charm from NinaQueen is the Ninaqueen Blue Ripple Enamel Charm. Another beautiful blue charm, again .925 Sterling Silver inlaid with clear cubic-zirconia stones. While the cubic-zirconia stones are on the small side the over all effect sparkle effect is still very nice.

The third charm from NinaQueen is the Ninaqueen Panda Charm. This one is super cute. The little Panda face is silver with black zirconia stones for the eyes, ears, nose and in the small dangle star. On the back of the Panda is engraved “Good Luck” Super cute.

NinaQueen of Paris is one of France’s most popular designer brands. 
Using the Diamond Standard of technology, a micro-painted enamel makes NinaQueen charms eye catching and rugged. All of the enamel process and mosaics are done under a microscope by a top-level master. Each charm requires 17 technologies and consumes 170 hours to produce. NinaQueen patents its designs in 64 countries around the world.

NinaQueen is a member of a very small number of brands invited to the Amazon Fine Jewelry category. Only those with brand strength and excellent products are eligible to enter this prestigious level.

NinaQueen launches new products monthly! It’s charms are ready for each of your moments, to surprise you, and to record your wonderful life! We believe that: life is wonderful, you get what you give!


I can’t whine about new additions to my bracelet. These charms are very pretty and reasonably priced too!!



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