Nissan and Habitat for Humanity!

You know how I love a good app!   This one is pretty funny.  I think it would be even more fun to have the kids help you!  You’ll see what I mean when you go to Nissan Habitat for Humanity on Facebook

Nissan launched this funny Facebook app to celebrate their partnership with Habitat for Humanity and to get people involved with their efforts to build sustainable homes for those in need.

The interactive video experience lets you input commands which Nissan “builders” perform.  Be sure and have the builder hide the pipe!  That one is my favorite.  The game, developed by one of Habitat’s major partners, Nissan, invites participants to have a little fun with the volunteers in a virtual Habitat build: type in a command, and the volunteers will do as you say. Like command an otherwise mild-mannered volunteer to smash windows, or, in one case, throw things (items are returned, mysteriously, by a giant penguin). I love the giant penguin!!  (there are even hidden Easter Eggs!! AHHHH now you really want to go play huh??)
This is all a lot of fun, but the purpose is significant: to support the building of green homes for deserving families. 
Be sure and look around the site, Habitat for Humanity can always use donations and volunteers!! Take action in your community. 
BUT, that’s not all!!!  In addition, the players with the top 100 scores will get recognition in the form of a personalized video from Nissan volunteers, where they will hammer a nail for them as a thank you, as well as a Nissan t-shirt. 
These videos show the shenanigans you can get into by playing the app:

Throw the Pipe:

Break the Window:

Additional Partnership Info:
Nissan’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity began in 2006, following the devastating Katrina and Rita hurricanes. 
Together, their goal is to build affordable, sustainable homes for families in need of decent housing. 
So far, Nissan has donated $7.5 million in grant money and donations to the organization, built 50 homes, donated 104 Nissan vehicles to help building efforts, and over 5,000 Nissan employees have volunteered over 56,000 hours for Habitat for Humanity
This program is fueled by Nissan owners and employees, and they also want to encourage consumers to participate by visiting to make a donation or find volunteer opportunities across the country.

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