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No Boring Desk Here!! Thank You Blu Monaco!

I love chaos. I love knick knacks and foo foo dust collectors. I adore a gallery wall. I am a terrible hoarder, I truly have the worst time throwing things away. I have little toys, statues and fun things throughout the entire house. Truly drives The Husband insane. I even warn people when they say they are coming over to visit my house is SENSORY OVERLOAD!! No space shall be empty. (I so badly wish I were kidding!)


of my desk. I want my desk clear and clean of distraction. I am laughing to myself as I type this because what I call a clear, clean workspace would probably not really qualify as clear…..but for me!?!? It’s practically empty!!

My desk is so organized now because of this amazing Desk Organizer Everything is so pretty!! Even the box it arrives in has class and style!

So…………….. let me introduce you to my new:

Stylish All-In-One Inbox Organizer with Drawer from Blu Monaco

I don’t have to choose between style or function. Premium rose gold finished metal mesh design, looks amazing on my roll top desk. My file folders (which are pink and gold!! Can you say MEANT TO BE?!!?) my “to do” papers are organized on top in the folder compartments on top.

Each component is wrapped so nothing arrives dinged or scratched.

The file dividers on top are fitted in place so you won’t have that file lean over thing goin’ on.

Then a flat shelf for things I need to grab right away.

I’m SO organized!!! Not to mention I managed to combine 6, yes SIX other folder holders, mess boxes, pen holders and other ‘desk paraphernalia’ that was only good for one thing. Not to mention they were ugly, and old! See?? Look at how many items I condensed into one perfect organizer. desk organizers

The drawer on the bottom has 4 compartments that hold my stickers. I never send letters to Granddaughter Alice without a dozen stickers on the letter and the envelope. HELLO! How will she know it’s ME?!?!


Blu Monaco truly gives my desk such a beautiful and organized look. Truly, designer style for a home, home office or office. Style that will match any décor.


I believe you will find the perfect fit for YOUR individual style. It’s even in their moto! Be Work Inspired



  • Tamra Phelps

    I need some organization on my desk, lol. I can create chaos in minutes so my desk is always a mess, even after I just straightened it out.

  • heather

    I would so love to have a desk like this one. I need one and I love the look of this one. Everything looks so organized and easy to find.

  • gloria patterson

    I would love to have a roll top desk!! And yes you have LOTS of organized stuff………………….. But I would bet that you can reach for any thing you need or want. I really like organizers.

    The desk I use it about 25+ years old and it is one of the pre-fab desk in the box you buy at walmart. I bet that I didn’t spent $25 on it so I have got money worth out of it.

  • Rosie

    This is so nice, Connie. I have been looking online for a desk this week. I was wistfully thinking how nice they look in the pictures, but cluttered with papers, files, and anything else it kind of ruins it. But these organizers are so nice, I have to bookmark this site! I can’t think straight unless everything is organized and tidy. At work I was so organized, it was hard to tell how much I was doing, as compared to people around me that had boxes, papers, files strewn everywhere, confusing and messy.. Good thing my supervisors knew I had double their workload, and being very organized helps that!!

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