No crying in exercising??

You know an exercise video is going to kick your butt when the first line from the instructor is “Welcome…… you brave brave soul” WAIT….. WHAT?!?!??!

My darling daughter Selena loaned me her Jillian Michaels “The biggest winner” boxed set. So I loaded all 5 disks in the player and hit random….. Jillian is AMAZING (and really mean! tough! no mean… I’m sticking with mean)!! As she introduces everyone in the class she points to one young lady and tells you to follow her if you are new….. but “It’s still going to be really hard. Really…. well, I’m sorry” Jillian didn’t lie. I’ve been done for a half an hour and I’m still catching my breath! WOW!!

Those are my abs! (okay well, not yet…. but those are the ones I want! Think Jillian would trade??)

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