Note-taking hacks that any student can apply

Are you having trouble taking proper notes? Would you like to learn new tips and strategies on how to write incredible notes? If your answer is yes, you are on the right website. On MyPaperWriter, we will focus on a couple of strategies that shall help you take note more efficiently. The tips come pretty handily to students in high school and on campus. Hence if you face any challenges in these areas, then this website might help you out immensely.

Do you plan to go back to campus? or are you undertaking an online course. Either way, education is a crucial part of the learning process. Therefore you should try your best to focus on building an excellent note-taking habit.

Note-taking can be overwhelming and challenging to many people. It takes time to master, but you can achieve way more than you can even imagine with the proper guidance. We shall go through some vital points that will help you take notes better. Hence if you wish to rejuvenate your note-taking skills, then follow along as we unravel this incredible issue.

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Things to Consider before you dive into Note-taking

Note-taking comes in different forms. It might be formal or non-formal, depending on the usage of the notes. Some are present-day strategies, and others are olden-day methods used to take proper

notes. It might seem overwhelming to a lot of people. However, before you decide to start sharpening your note-taking skills, here are some details to consider.

Take up a note Writing Mindset

Most habits all start and end in your mind. Hence it makes sense that to start writing proper notes. You require to have a positive view of note-taking. Our day-to-day activities impact our education lie immensely. Take, for instance, the fact that you can pay better attention if you eat sugary snacks. Another action that affects our life is drinking coffee. If you consume coffee, then you most probably will not feel sleepy, which boosts your concentration.

Hence this is enough evidence that whatever we do affects our education immensely. If you go on with this trend, you will come to realize that moods affect note-taking. When you are bored with writing notes, then you probably will not take the notes.

Pre-class Preparations

We performed research and found out that preparing before attending any class helps you take notes better. That means going through the topic of discussion for the day. It gives you an idea of what to expect. You can also focus on the more challenging parts in class and ensure you understand them.

Note-taking hacks


It is a pretty straightforward strategy that anyone can implement. In this method, all you require is a topic that shall be discussed during the lesson. You then pick around five main points that shall be incorporated into the class.

After you identify these points, now try to find more details on the facts of the discussion. The main idea when implementing this method is to try and concentrate on the main agendas of the topic. When you know what will be discussed, you automatically pay more attention in class to get more information on points you found challenging.

Cornell Method

The method is an olden day note-taking strategy invented back in 1950 by the Cornell University. It is an incredibly common method used by a lot of people.

It mainly focuses on the organization of your work.

While writing your notes, you require to split your notes into three separate sections:

● Cue or the narrow section

● A wider portion for your notes

● Summary on the bottom

In the cue portion, you jot down crucial points, potential exam questions, and people. The second portion is for explaining your notes in depth. The last part is for writing brief information on all the notes. The last and first portions of your notes should be as simple as they can get.

You can implement this method to write:

● Organized and clear to read notes

● Notes that you can extract info from efficiently.

Mind Mapping

It is an excellent method which works incredibly for the interlocking topics on different subjects, for example, philosophy and history. In these two subjects, the topics interlock a lot, and hence the method works wonders.

You get to use the relationship between different subjects to effectively write great notes. You also get to explore deeper on the topics that interlock. For instance, the revolution of the French can be a significant application part.

To implement this topic well, you must center your discussion and then branch from the main agenda.

It is excellent in:

i) Visual studies

ii) Creating connections between different topics


Note-taking is pretty overwhelming. However, if you implement the topics discussed on this website, then you will achieve your goal within no time. All you require to have is the will and determination.


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