OgoSport OgoBILD NEXUS Review

The NaNa’s house just got a WHOLE lot more fun!!! Check out the OgoBILD Nexus Kit. Alice’s face lit UP when she saw this kit.

First, there is no wrong way to build a OgoBILD Nexus. It’s just FUN and inspires creativity!!!!!!!!  Are you ready for this!? NO batteries required!!

The package was easy to open and as I pulled pieces out Alice was already building the first of a dozen different creations.  The OgoBILD system makes it a snap to create real moving vehicles, robots, airplanes, structures, characters, creatures and sculptures. What’s more is the OgoBILD ball attachments are interchangeable. The pieces easily snap into the OgoBILD ball sockets and to each other. There are over 90 different attachments!

The OgoBILD box contains:

  • 4 flexible OgoBILD balls
  • 4 wheels
  • 31 connectors
  • 16 joints
  • 8 wings
  • 32 imagination pieces
  • 2 propellers

Without any input from me Alice seemed to know how to plug pieces together.  This is the coolest, most challenging building set! Alice is content to build! For the longest time!!

What can you “BILD”? Well, anything you want!! Since the OgoBILD Nexus has over 90 different attachments including hands, feet and wheels you can build any crazy thing you want!!

Two Kinds of Builders

There are two kinds of builders. The first builder requires crystal-clear instructions and a predictable outcome. Their bridges are sturdy and look like bridges, their high-speed fan merrily spins. The other builder is the dreamer, the one who can create an entire farm with a few sticks, a handful of feathers, and a pocket bursting with rocks.

A Construction Set for the Dreamer-Builder
The OgoBILD Nexus is designed for such a child. This entirely new construction set has as its main component a soft rubbery ball with 12 holes to insert connectors, joints, wheels, wings, propellers, hands, feet, scoop, springs and more.

Let Creativity Flourish!
All OgoBILD attachments are interchangeable, and each creation can be bounced, rolled, kicked, tossed, and can even survive a stint in the sea. There are no rules or instructions, so your child’s creative side can flourish with abandon. Take it apart and put it back together; each Seuss-ical creation is wackier than the last.


Are you kidding? Alice played so creatively and was engaged for the longest time, what can I complain about with that?!!? This is a great set. This set would make a great gift for ANY kid!!

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