5 thoughts on “Oh for CRYING OUT LOUD!!

  1. I think we have all had those days. I remember typing a long email and just about done and it was GONE!! Never did find it and had to start all over…………… was not a happy camper

  2. love the picture, not the situation. went to a store today where they were just booting a new computer system. it’s going to be a long day for the staff. thanks

  3. OMG – this picture just cracked me up! My computer was pulling some strange voodoo on me this morning. I was typing an email and it just disappeared totally wasn’t in my sent spam or deleted files????

  4. That’s insane…Sometimes I really think my computer has a brain and is deliberately trying to mess with me!! Ever see that movie where the machines rise up and start to fight back?? It was based on a Stephen King book. What was that called?? Maximum Overdrive??

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