Okiedog Mondrian Trek Backpack Diaper Bag Review

I am so excited about today’s review that my mind is going a million miles an hour as to where to start!!! Today’s review is about The Mondrian-Trek Backpack Diaper Bag. I think I’ll start with some pictures!!  This bag is so CUTE!!!!!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I ADORE this bag!!  This is not just a diaper bag. This is a bag that I will be carrying around with me for years!! THIS is a diaper bag that will become my grab bag for day trips long after we are having potty accidents.

This bag has so many amazing details that every Mom will adore! First, this is a lightweight bag! Even when I pack it full of Alice paraphernalia.  The bags come in beautiful colors all with bright contrasting lining and stitching.

Bonus! When you use this bag you won’t need to carry a purse! There is a whole Okiedog’s Parent Zone pocket that has a spot for my phone, keys, wallet, camera and MORE!!!

There are 2 quick pick loops so the small things don’t get lost.  There is the clipix universal stroller attachment system that quickly and easily attaches the bag to my stroller.

The Mondrian-Trek Backpack Diaper Bag comes with a changing mat made with an antibacterial treatment.  An accessory bag that I can use for extra clothes for Alice or my power cords when this becomes my backpack! There is also an insulated bottle holder included.

The Okiedog Trek Backpack has padded, adjustable shoulder straps that makes this bag so comfortable to wear!!  The front of the bag has 2 pockets, one gives you easy access to the insulated bottle holder. The second pocket is the spacious Parent Zone; which has to be one of my favorite features. The Parent Zone area has a key chain holder, a dedicated mobile phone pocket and enough space for my wallet, my camera, pens and my iPad too!!  Both of those front pockets are deep and zip all the way to the bottom of the bag making it super easy to get to EVERYTHING in this bag!!

There is also an extra, deep, pocket on the front of the bag that doesn’t have a zipper for quick access to items you need. I keep my camera in there, we all know I use my camera A LOT!! I need it quickly!! But, the pocket is deep enough for a package of wet wipes, binkies or a small toy.

The Trek Backpack easily attaches to strollers with the Okiedog Clipix system that makes it possible to add optional accessory to the stroller like cup holders, bottle holders, flashlights and more. You can easily remove this bag with one hand from the stroller. No complicated buckles or carabiner hooks, just a simple hook.

This is a great size bag too!! Measuring 14.57″ tall and 15.35″ wide and 4.72″ deep  The empty bag only weighs 16.3 ounces.  Don’t let the fact that the bag is so light, it’s strong! This bag holds a LOT easily!! The bag is well made top to bottom. Double stitched and sporting heavy-duty zippers.  I love the pretty silver key ring zipper pull on the front; just another awesome detail that makes this the BEST diaper bag EVER!!!

Okiedog bags are PVC- free, Phthalate free, AZO free and BPA free.

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Not one single whine!! This bag is AMAZING!! I will be using this bag long after Alice needs a diaper bag. It’s perfectly made! It’s cute as all get out!!  The Mondrian-Trek Backpack Diaper Bag is perfect top to bottom! This is a MUST HAVE diaper bag!!!

Stop by next week when I have another AWESOME item to tell you about from Okiedog! It’s SO CUTE and I can’t wait to share with you!!

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