Oraline Review & Savings Bundle!!

Starting kids off with good dental habits is so important!!  I truly believe with the Oraline system, Emma and Eli have that great start!!

The Oraline system includes the UV toothbrush sanitizer, the perfect solution for sanitizing & storing up to 5 toothbrushes at once. The Ultraviolet light automatically comes on when door closes, and cycles for 10 minutes. There is a built in fan for fast drying. The sanitizer eliminates 99% of the germs!!  NINETY NINE percent germs gone!!! 

Also in your kit…… my favorite………. 6 personalized toothbrushes!! Along with, 12 four ounce tubes of Fluoride Bubblegum Toothgel. (WOW do the kids love this toothpaste!!) It’s ADA accepted, contains fluoride and tastes great. It is not made with any animal based ingredients.

Ordering is super easy! In 7 easy steps you will have a toothbrush that fits your child’s mouth and hand!  You’ll design the toothbrush from the edging color, the text, graphic or your child’s picture!!  That’s it DONE!!! CUTE personalized toothbrushes!

Right now Oraline has specially priced this system at $59.95. Not only that, but the first 100 people that order will receive a fantastic gift bag just for ordering!  No additional charge!

I’ve learned a lot about toothbrushes and teeth in general with this 3 part review. From, just how many nasty germs really are floating around your bathroom, to simple things like, you should brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes 2 times a day.  Ummmm, I’m guilty of brushing too fast……  I have to work on that!

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I’m so lucky to have been able to review the Oraline System. This system is amazing!!  I’m so excited that the kids want to brush their teeth!! EVERY DAY!!! YEA!!!!!!