Anti-Aging Tree Of Life Beauty Products Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Aging might be inevitable but y’all know me I don’t plan to go gently! I’m kickin’ and screamin’ all the way. At 58 and my goal is to not look 58. I’d settle for 50. I don’t need to look 20 but let’s put off LOOKING 60! Please!!

Being a blogger is awesome because I get to try different beauty products. Some are way out of my price range, so I get very excited when I get to review a product that works as well as the expensive products at a price that I can actually afford to continue using. Add a HUGE bonus of being available at a store that I shop at weekly and this is one very giddy girl!!!  Check out the Tree Of Life Serum TrioTreeOfLife

Tree of Life Age Defying BeautySkin Care is available at Walmart! Starting with a powerful trio that packs some powerful anti-aging benefits!!

Vitamin C Serum: THE HIGHEST FORM OF ACTIVE, BIO-AVAILABLE VITAMIN C AVAILABLE. You will be hard-pressed to find another Vitamin C Serum which combines both organic and natural ingredients in such a way that your face feels smooth and refreshed the moment it touches your skin. Whether your face is already showing signs of aging or whether you are worried it might soon, our Organic ingredients help your skin fight fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles no matter your age. This Vitamin C Serum cannot be beat. 

Retinol Serum: With over 700 Clinical Studies showing Retinol’s Anti Aging Effects, our Clinical Strength Retinol Serum helps turn back the clock of aging to give you smooth, refreshed skin. Our 72% Organic Retinol Serum helps counter the effects of skin-damage to give your skin a youthful shine while making it feel soft and rejuvenated. Your face will not only feel moisturized and refreshed, but it will look vibrant as our Anti Wrinkle Serum begins to take effect.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum: HELPS SKIN RETAIN UP TO 370% MORE MOISTURE THAN THE COLLAGEN PROTEIN MOLECULE. A well-known wrinkle reducer, Hyaluronic Acid is sometimes known as a “super moisturizer,” helping reduce fine lines caused by dehydration. It is perfect for use with both Retinol and Vitamin C, and our 72% Organic mixture contains key moisturizers specifically formulated for use with both other products.

Each 1 ounce bottle arrives with shrink banded top so you are assured that the bottles have not been tampered with.

I’ve been using this powerful trio along with Tree of Life’s Ultimate Age Defying Serum nighttime for the last four weeks. I have noticed that my skin looks smooth and feels soft. The longer that I use this serum the more I notice a difference. As in less defined smile lines, my forehead is especially looking smoother. Added bonus, I’ve noticed that my makeup goes on much smoother.  I am especially loving how my skin looks first thing in the morning. I have glowing skin!! Goodbye dull skin!! I have a youthful glow!!

Tree Of Life Serums dry clear on the skin. Each and every serum in the line is great for all skin types!

The Retinol Serum is a milky opaque color, it dries clear. Once it dries (about 30 seconds) it is not tacky or sticky at all.  There is no scent to the Retinol Serum. I have not experienced any breakouts, redness or dry patches.

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum is crystal clear and again dries clear and quickly. Once this is dry again; not tacky or sticky. There is a very faint floral scent to the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I have not experienced any breakouts, redness or dry patches.  I have notice that this makes my skin feel like VELVET!!

Vitamin C Serum is crystal clear and the thinnest of the the three in consistency. This serum also drys without being sticky or tacky. There is a very faint scent to the Vitamin C Serum; kind of an earthy scent. Once again, no breakouts, redness or dry patches.

These product work in conjunction with each other for skin that feels so soft!!  Seriously, like VELVET!!! After I apply to my face and neck I always apply to the back of my hands.

The last product is the Tree of Life’s Ultimate Age Defying Serum nighttime is really powerful. A small pea-size amount does your entire face. Don’t let that small amount fool you, it is really a powerful serum.

These products are all non-greasy!  Fast drying and cruelty free! 100% a ONE-STOP Serum Combo Pack!! AND I get to host a giveaway so that YOU can try these as well!! Sweet!!!

One lucky winner will receive all four of these amazing serums! I promise you will love this serum!! Good Luck!!

Win a selection of the Tree of life beauty products #1



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’ve tried lotions & potions of all kinds and while there are definitely some that work, it’s probably too little, too late! I stick to plain old soap & water with a blob of moisturiser when I remember. But then I have Mum & Dad’s good genes, drink lots of water, eat loads of fruit & veg & try to get enough sleep and while I don’t look 35 any longer, I definitely don’t look 57 🙂

  • michele

    i have never heard of these products before.. if they help hey lets give them a try…..I am an old fashioned Oil of Olay girl….

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