Pass The Pigs BIG PIGS Edition!

This NaNa’s got great tricks (or game as you will see) up her sleeve. I brought out Pass The Pigs BIG PIG edition!! What a great game for us to play. First, it’s not a game that requires running around AND bonus it’s a great math game!!

Check out these adorable oversized foam pigs! These pigs can still hit all the pig poses that their little pig dice cousins do!

Pass The Pigs BIG PIG edition comes with 2 oversized foam pig dice, 1 oversized score pad, 1 drawstring pig storage pouch, 1 pencil, illustrated instructions and Pass The Pigs history.  I love that all the pieces fit in the bag and stores away easy!

The object of the game is to be player to score 100 points.  Scoring positions are named so funny ‘snouter’ ‘trotter’ ‘leaning jowler’ The kids loved looking up the name of the throw. You can earn up to 60 points per roll. Of course there are no point throws when one pig on their left and one on their right.


We are just learning the game; so each game takes us a long time, which was a great distraction for sick kids. The pigs are super soft so I wasn’t worried about anything getting knocked over.  The kids had to keep their own score so that was an added learning perk. I love games that teach!!  No whines here. Cute little BIG pigs. Helps with math skills! Fun to boot; what can I whine about?


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