Pathways Interactive Tarot Card Review

My regular readers know I am intrigued with the Tarot Cards.  I’m not fast when I do a reading.  I am getting better.  But I enjoy reading the cards none the less! I’ve learned more with the help of Diane Wing’s book “The True Nature of the Tarot”.
But, now Diane has made it even easier to gain a fresh perspective or achieve an objective viewpoint with an interactive web site called Pathways.
Pathways is not meant to predict or make decisions for you, it just gives you a fresh way of looking at things.

Spirit Bowl

Pathways is super easy to use.  Click on the Spirit Bowl. Click Begin Journey and you are off and running.  Type in your question or skip the question all together for a whole different reading. There is a great pull down menu that allows you to decided which of the seven spreads to use. The 7 different spreads contain anywhere from 3 cards to a 9 cards in the spread.

Tarot cardsThe deck of cards shuffles at the bottom of the page for you. Moving your mouse shuffles through the cards and a click of your mouse the card is moved to the spread for you.  When all the cards are placed in the spread you begin your reading. You can click next card or go back and forth to previous or cards forward.  You are in control of the reading.
Tarot Spread

Double click the pictures to enlarge and get a closer look.

Their are key words to help you with the reading. On the top of the screen shows the meaning of the card that is highlighted at the time in your reading.  To the right of the cards there are 2 columns “Card Meaning” and next to it “In a Reading”  If you want to interpret the cards yourself use “Card Meaning”. Click on “In a Reading” and Pathways reads the card for you basically interpreting the cards for you!!  SO easy to use and understand!!  There are also the key words above the description.  Truly reading your cards does NOT get any easier than this!!

When your reading is done you have the option of saving your spread so you can come back to it at a later time.  I love that feature!!  You can also journal your experience or thoughts or your thoughts of the day along with the the cards.

I’ve enjoyed using Pathways and I’ve enjoyed browsing on Diane’s webpage ForestWitch!  You can find all of Diane’s events and classes listed. Mystical Products, Testimonials.
ForestWitch is packed with tons of information right at your fingertips!

If you enjoy reading Tarot Cards I know you will love Pathways!!  It really is just that! A PATHWAY to the inner you!!


  • Sandy VanHoey

    My mom use to get hers read but that guy that read hers wasn’t so good. I have heard of others who have been on target with things they have said. I want to hear more too about people who have gotten their’s read.Maybe with my mom it was because she once went to a psychic and they couldn’t read her because they said she should be in the business. Let me tell you, I could tell you some stories about that. She knew when family members were going to pass, etc., use to scare me with things she knew.

  • Courtney Tucker

    Oh, this is great! I had no idea you liked tarot!
    A woman from England that does remote tarot card readings on a website I go on, done mine and my boyfriends around the same time, everything was freakishly spot on! I wish she could do them again, it’s been a couple years and the reading was for the present within a year in the future! So much has gone on, might have to see if she will soon!
    I’m going to look around the site now, thanks!

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