Petco “Bottomless Bowl” Repeat Delivery!

I am still on Hawaii time, I’m having the worst time getting back to ‘REAL’ life again. The week before Hawaii was hustle and bustle trying to get everything done. Hawaii was an awesome whirlwind of activity. We had such a great time!! I was sad to see it end. Now, this week I’m trying to play catch up. Sleep! MAN I can NOT catch up on my sleep!! Then between laundry, the house, groceries and the blog; not to mention watching Alice, I am EXHAUSTED!!  It’s easy to forget how much work vacations are!!  Thankfully, I can mark one thing off my ‘must do’ list. That’s feeding Gracie. No muss and no stress where our Golden Lab Gracie’s food is concerned!! Thank YOU Bottomless Bowl from Petco!! DSC_6128

What a great program this is!! Seriously, I’m a huge fan of repeat delivery services! I have everything from beauty products; razors and some foods on auto delivery. I am never short on razors or coffee K cups.  So, we were thrilled to learn about Petco’s Bottomless Bowl program. We LOVE this!!!  From dog food to cat food. Dog treats to dog vitamins and supplements! Bottomless Bowl has it ALL!!

The dog food that we currently buy is at Petco. As a matter of fact, everything that we buy for both Miss Gracie and Kitty comes from Petco. This program just makes it whole lot easier. Delivered straight to our door! On a schedule that WE want!!  I love that!! I also love the fact that Bottomless Bowl saves us money!! Not only are Petco prices the lowest online prices available when your order ships, but you can also save from up to 15% off each qualifying order. BONUS! If your order is over $49 it ships for free!! Our shopping trips to Petco are always over $49.00. Gracie is, after all our Fur-Baby. Then when you add in the fact that California has some really high gas prices; $4.19 for a gallon of gas; auto delivery just sounds better and better!!

If you try it and then decide it isn’t for you can cancel anytime. It’s that easy!!

You’ll never need a coupon to get the lowest prices either. SWEET deal!!!



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