PHONECT 4K WIFI Sport Waterproof Action Camera

This is my very first Action Camera and I am having a blast with this!! Actually I should say that 4-year-old Alice and I are having a blast!

The PHONECT 4K WIFI Sport Waterproof Camera has it’s own waterproof housing it also comes with a couple of mounting devices, a charging cable, a battery and a quick start guide.

You will have to purchase a microSD card. I ordered a 64GB one the same time I ordered the PHONECT 4K WIFI Sport Waterproof Camera. I didn’t want to waste anytime getting started!

We’ve had so much fun with action camera!! I’ve taken several videos from indoors to outdoors. I ordered a chest harness and attached that to Alice. How fun is that to see the world from her perspective!

Getting started was super easy. Press the ON button after the camera turns on press and release the button twice for the menu screen which is very easy to navigate. One thing I want to note here is to turn OFF the auto shut off! Or you’ll be thinking you are filming when actually you basically are carrying around a paper weight.

You can keep the 2.0 inch TFT LCD panel on while you are filming but that does eat up the battery quicker, so I choose to keep that to just a few seconds.

There is a four time digital zoom on the camera and it’s rated for 30 meters (98 feet!) when the camera is in it’s water-resistant casing. (Which does arrive with the camera!)

We have found this camera to have excellent video quality. I love the fact that I can record in high definition! Perfect for those very special events.

Just an FYI I didn’t want to film in high definition for this review or the post would never finish loading so keep that in mind when you watch.


This camera has the ability to wirelessly connect via WiFi Bluetooth through the “ELE-CAM” APP, which is kinda cool!


Under $80 for an action camera? That comes with the waterproof housing AND mounts?? SWEET!! The battery life is great. The camera is easy to use. This camera also fits most GoPro mounts! So I have no whines!



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