Pickin’ on Disney

Since both of my grand babies have colds right now we have been watching some great Disney Movies!  Some movies I hadn’t seen before and some great classics. What I need to know is: what does Disney have against Mom’s??  Is it part of  the employee handbook?  “Disney writers are required to off Mom within the first 6 minutes of the film or employment will be terminated”.   Don’t believe me?  Okay here are a few examples: Bambi, Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, Hunchback of Norte Dame, Chicken Little, Cinderella, Tarzan, Fox and the Hound, Aladdin.  Okay I’m going to stop now.  Now don’t get me wrong I love Disney movies!  I can’t wait for a time when my grand kids live close to me so we can go see the new releases at the theater!  I’ll never stop watching and loving Disney movies.  I just wanna know why we gotta pick on Mom’s!!  Seriously, who do the writers at Disney think cleaned the house that you tracked mud and dirt through?  Who did the laundry and got all the stains out from all the sports we drove you back and forth too??  Who nagged you Disney writers to finish your homework and clean your room?  Who made sure you were home every night before midnight?  Who nagged you to be successful……… ohhhhhhhhhhhh…… never mind. 
So what did you do today?  I watched some great movies. 

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