Pinned it & did it! Making a vintage soft T-shirt??

Gathered my materials, made sure the t would fit in the container.                  

 Disolved the salt and poured the mixture over the t-shirt.

Sealed up the container and patiently waited 5 days. 

Ummmm epic FAIL!!

The t-shirt is not soft. This t-shirt actually feels ROUGHER than before I started!!
Basically, I wasted a cup of salt and a t-shirt.

I’m going to try this one again with a 100% cotton t-shirt.
(The ‘fail’ T-shirt was a 50/50 polyester/cotton) I will use this same recipe and I’ll let you know.


  • Shannon

    I have not tried this one. BUT. I have reverse bleached a tee and sometimes that makes it softer depending on the shirt. However if you do that one I would say to do it outside. I inhaled the fumes from one tee and yeah that was bad. Also depending on the tee it may turn brown (I have down black but you can do purple, which I have also done one and that turns pink so that is fun too) and orange…but one I did turned gray, not sure why it did.

  • Diane K.Brimmer

    Thanks for the review on this. I was wondering how the results would be but affraid to try it. Yes, do let us know how the second one comes out.

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