Pitch Painter App for Kids!

Alice goes through apps on the iPad faster than I ever dreamed possible! I’ve had to password protect my account because she was BUYING new apps all the time!!  She isn’t even TWO YET!!!
So, when I find an app that she enjoys and continues to want to play with day after day? I know it’s one worth shouting about!!
Meet Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter app, an award-winning musical painting application for the iPad designed for children 3 to 5 years old.

This is such a great app…… kids are basically finger painting with music!!  What stands out in this app are: 
Your child will pick the region of music to ‘paint’ Europe and North America, West Africa, Middle East and East Asia. Each region has it’s own set of instruments
Kids can click on the little alligator and reverse their music, click the little blue bunny and flip the canvas. Kids can save their masterpiece’s. 
Alice loves filling the screen with different squares after picking her instrument.  She loves hitting that little green arrow and listening to her songs. This is a 2 thumbs up! FUN APP!!! 
The Pitch Painter app was created by Morton Subotnick, the author of the highly acclaimed educational CD ROMS series Making Music. The Pitch Painter app brings the magic of Making Music to the iPad, offering an easily accessible way for children and their parents to experience creativity through music on the mobile device.

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.

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