Playtex Nurser Bottles

Baby bottle Playtex Drop-In Nurser Bottles are the BEST!!!  Baby Alice has been using a certain Dr B bottles…….NOW….. no offense to Dr B’s bottles but breast milk as my daughter Selena calls it is “Liquid Gold“.  I’m not sure if it’s just me but I every SINGLE time I use those bottles they leak.
So not only does Baby Alice have a wet shirt but so does Nonnie!!!  NOT fun!!!
So when my Playtex Drop-In’s Bottles arrived I couldn’t wait to try them out!  I LOVE THEM!!!!!  I’ve been using them for almost a week now and both Baby Alice and Nonnie’s shirts are dry at the end of feeding. That was the first plus.

Bottle nipples

Next is the shape of the nipple and the base of the nipple, it canNOT be beat! It mimics a real breast!  So much easier for Baby Alice to eat.
There is no comparison! Playtex wins hands down!

Next is the disposable liner. Talk about easy!! Unscrew the nipple top, throw away the old liner pop in a clean one, add “Liquid Gold” (milk… not polish) and serve.  The liner collapses as Alice eats. No bubbles! Happy baby! Happy Nonnie!! (Happy DRY Alice and Nonnie!)  So Alice and I give Playtex Nursers our seal of approval.

Baby bottles
To learn more about Playtex Drop In System take a few minutes and watch the “Most Like Breastfeeding” video.
Baby sleeping

Happy Alice!!

A very special THANK YOU to Chenier for your help!!!
Thank you Playtex for this awesome win through Sweet Posh Baby.

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