Plum Deluxe Organic Tea Review

I am sitting here at my computer with a cup of fragrant, delicious, organic tea from PLUM Deluxe. I am enjoying the experience from start to finish! The tea arrived in an adorable cotton bag with a Teapot and Plum Deluxe stamped on the front. Inside is a ziplock bag of Oregon Breakfast Black Tea to review.
IMG_0560Oregon Breakfast Black Tea has a ton of great ingredients! From the black tea to Honeybush Tea, Orange Peels, *Hazelnut Essence LOVE and Gratitude. Those last 2 ingredients truly come through in the tea. This tea is rich in flavor, it doesn’t even need honey or sugar to sweeten, it’s that good. Such a wonderful and smooth finish!

*Did you know that Hazelnut; in its oil essence form; has tons of great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits?? As well as vitamin E?


Plum Deluxe’s founder Andy began as a blogger, sharing lessons he has learned from his mom who lost her 6-year battle with breast cancer. Wanting to connect more than just words with his community, Andy started blending his own teas. Plum Deluxe Teas are organic & fair trade blends that heal from the inside out. These teas are non-GMO, and contain no harmful chemical flavorings.

teaThe most popular offering on Plum Deluxe is the tea of the month club! How perfect would that be for the tea lover in your life?? A new tea to savor every month? With Mother’s Day coming up very soon; here is my recommendation! Go to Plum Deluxe and sign Mom up for the Tea of The Month Club, grab one of the super cute mugs available to add to the gift! Mom will think about you every time she uses her mug and every month when her new tea arrives!

Find more about Plum Deluxe and especially about making moments that matter check here.

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From the adorable gift bag to the tea, I don’t have a single whine! Delicious tea!!




    Tea of the Month Club sounds like such a great idea! That way you can get to try different blends. The problem with buying a new blend and then finding out that you don’t like it is that, let’s face it, there’s not a lot you can do with a whole packet of tea once it’s been opened.I love your Wisteria mug in the top piccy by the way – it’s always been one of my favourite plants.

  • Christine A

    I really like black tea so the Oregon Breakfast Black Tea sounds nice. I’m not very familiar with loose leaf tea but I’ve tried a lot more since I got a Teavana tea maker.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve never been a drinker of hot tea. I usually drink iced tea, but these flavors make it sound really good! I might need to try hot tea!

  • Rosie

    I’m always on the lookout for teas I haven’t tried yet. This is one I would really love to try I never even heard of it before. Organic, fair trade wow! and non-gmo, too.

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