Portable Digital Multimeter Giveaway

As a stereo installer I use a multimeter just about everyday. Between voltage, impedance, continuity, current draw testing my ole trusty Fluke meter gets quite the workout. When it came time to put together a nice tool set that would stay at home rather than the shop, I decided to look into less expensive options. The Uni-T multimeter was a great addition and a small fraction of the cost of my shop meter. Although less expensive it still provides all of the features I typically use and even gives me one my fluke does not, Square wave output, which is on the “D” model only. Although I have not had a chance to use that feature yet, I am excited about the possibilities, yes, nerdy as that sounds.

The features that I have used all have worked great on this Etekcity Mini Portable Digital Multimeter!
As compared to my fluke, voltage, current draw and of course continuity were spot on the same readings. Impedance was just a tick low on 2/6 of the speaker’s voice coils tested, but not enough for my concern at all, and in all fairness my fluke has not been calibrated in well over a year so I can not place blame either way.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Uni-T UT33D. Great functionality, size is small without being too small, has a nice big backlight controlled by a button and the price is right. The test leads fit great into the meter with no wiggle room, test tips are nice as well. I’d personally like to see a little larger gauge wire for the leads but that may just be because I use meters a lot. Certainly not a deal breaker and understandable for its price point.

Bottom line, do you need a good multimeter but don’t want to spend big bucks? Try this one out! You’ll be glad you did.

One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine followers will win their own Etekcity Mini Portable Digital Multimeter!  Good Luck!!


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