PowerLead PLQ-888C Carbon Fiber Travel TriPod Review

I love my Nikon D7000. It’s a fantastic camera and a fantastic camera deserves an equally fantastic tripod. Check THIS OUT!! This is the PowerLead PLQ-888C Professional Photography Tripod Monopod Kit & Ball Head For DSLR Cameras.

This is an extremely sturdy tripod and easily and securely holds my Nikon camera. My camera is heavy! Especially when I have my longer lens on it.

The camera attaches to the tripod easily with the locking plate, a simple twist on the button releases my camera. I LOVE that feature. More to love is the ball head design, which is important for outdoor photography.  The legs of the tripod provide a stable platform for your tripods ball head. The ball head is what allows you to move your camera 360 degrees with total precision. Since this is what moves your camera while you are taking photographs you need to be sure you have a quality ball head. PowerLead PLQ-888C’s ball head when it’s locked doesn’t move, which is very important.  When I unlock the ball lock it moves smoothly so I can tilt or rotate my camera. I am truly itching to go camping now, not to mention trying to capture photographs of the Lyrid Meteor shower, which is active now until 25th of April.

Using a tripod increases the sharpness of my photos because the camera is held still. This is a very important feature especially when I am using slow shutter speeds, not to mention allowing me to carefully frame my shot for the exact look I want.

More reasons you need a tripod, extreme close-ups and macro photography, using the timer for selfies or family shots.

Material: Carbon Fiber
Folded Length: 13¾”
Max Height: 60¾”
Min Height: 13¾”
Diameter of ball: 36mm
Weight of Tripod: 2 pounds and 8 ounces
Load Capacity: 18 pounds
Compatible with: All devices with 1/4″ standard screw hole.

Amazingly lightweight and so very portable!! Arrives with a nice fitted, zippered case that has a carry handle on one side and a shoulder strap on the other. There is also a bag that fits over the ball head to protect it and the bubble levels.


Not a single one! The PowerLead PLQ-888C Carbon Fiber Travel TriPod is very lightweight, easy to use and strong!



  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve never had a tripod, but I’ve wanted one. Right now, though, I need a good camera. My nephew has dropped mine so many times the lens is stuck, lol.

  • Cathy French

    So professional Hope this makes photography better with your Nikon. I’m absolutely horrible photographer but always wished I wasn’t.


    I’ve got a tripod but no decent camera. My darling sister borrowed mine for my niece’s graduation & dropped it – grrr!

  • Michelle S

    I really want a tripod but I hadn’t heard of this one. I had read good things about gorilla tripods but this one looks better quality. Thanks for sharing!

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