Premier Care In Bathing America’s Leader in Walk-In Tubs

America’s Leader in Walk-In Tubs

If you’re a regular here you know that 4 years ago we moved my Mom in with us.  By live with us, I mean in her very own apartment. We did things right! For the sake of all our sanity, we built an addition onto our home. This addition might be attached to our house, but from inside of her apartment, or inside the main part of the house, you would never know it.
From the outside Mom’s apartment looks like a little California Bunglo. From the inside too for that matter!! The apartment is completely separate from the main house. (Yes, we have a door down the hall that connects the two houses, but it’s locked from our side!! Am I smart or WHAT?!)
The apartment is super cute!  Starting with a fully enclosed screened porch that runs the entire length of the apartment. Mom has her own entrance. We’ve really made sure everyone has their privacy and their own ‘space’. Mom’s got a full kitchen, bathroom …… all of it. Her apartment is so cute complete with her southwestern décor. We really thought about all the aspects of having Mom with us, from tiled flooring that is easy to walk on. A big wide double door in case we ever need to accommodate  a wheelchair.
PremierI don’t think either of us would make any changes to the apartment. EXCEPT!! A BATHTUB!!! With a small bathroom, a bathtub wasn’t possible. Also, bathtubs are hard to get in and out of.  Seriously, what girl doesn’t occasionally look forward to a long, hot, bubble bath??
Check out THIS tub from Premier Care!! America’s Leader in Walk-In Tubs!! With 27 years of experience these guys know what they are doing.
Bath’s are installed in one to two DAYS!! Not weeks!! A day or TWO!!
Made with the highest quality material, Premier Care offers strength, security and most of all, peace of mind. In addition to the safe and easy access baths, your bathroom will be beautifully remodeled for comfort and ease. It’s a tub or a shower!! If there comes a time when it’s hard to stand for long periods of time there is the seat.

Premier care pays special attention to the unique needs of their customers and the many challenging accommodations required to exceed their expectations.
Visit the Premier Care and fill out a brief form to receive a free brochure and learn about payments as low as $150 per month. 

I don’t know about you, but the new spa series looks heavenly to me!!

Healing Relaxing Power

With Hydrovescent Therapy, the new Spa Series by Premier Care, will help relax muscles and relieve pressure. And make sure that I come visit Mom every evening!! I want a spa tub!!

Please order your Premier Care brochure now!!
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