Prepping Your Yard for Summer Gatherings


Pation Pots
Patio Furniture and a Pond Pump: Prepping Your Yard for Summer Gatherings
Summer gatherings are right around the corner, and now is the time to take an inventory of your backyard and decide how to prepare it for the first BBQ of the summer. An vital element of the barbeque, of course, is the grill itself, so a reputable online vendor such as Beds BBQ should be your first stop if you’re looking to get a new one in place for the season. Once you’ve got the centrepiece of the summer BBQ in place, it’s time to revamp the rest of your backyard around the area where you’ll cook and socialise. When looking at making changes, it doesn’t have to be a large project that transforms every element of your garden. You may not have the time or money to do a complete overhaul, and it may not be necessary. Invest in a few small touches to transform your yard into a summer hideaway without breaking the bank.
Pond Pump
If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard pond, invest in a high quality pond pump from Swallow Aquatics. A pond pump is an easy little machine that adds a lot to your pond. A pond pump will keep the water moving, providing a peaceful sound, and preventing the water from remaining stagnant. It will prevent unsightly residue from forming on top of the water and decrease the likelihood of unwanted bugs from nesting in your pond. Add a few plants to your pond to add some color and life, and if you haven’t already, invest in a few koi fish to add color, movement, and allure to your pond.
Patio Furniture
You don’t have to spend a fortune on patio furniture in order to find something that is attractive and useful. If you’re willing to invest some time and energy into it, you can purchase a used set and dress it up to your own tastes. Repaint the furniture in an attractive color and reupholster the seats with your home sewing machine to create a new, alluring set to compliment your backyard space. Turn your backyard into your dining room this summer, and enjoy it as much as you can. If you have an old set that you’re wanting to replace, consider revamping it instead and get several more years out of it — and help the environment.

Flower Beds
Even if you’ve never thought you have a green thumb, you can grow attractive plants and flowers in your backyard with little maintenance. Visit your local plant nursery and talk to the specialists there about foliage options that will fit your lifestyle. They should be able to recommend some hearty, beautiful options that will require you to do little more than water them a few times a week. As the specialist where you should plant the flowers to ensure they’ll get optimal sun exposure. You’ll feel peaceful every time you see the plants, and they’ll add amazing pops of color to your outdoor space.
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  • Diane K.Brimmer

    Great tips! I want to put in a little pond. Not sure if it is a good idea with the girls though. Thanks for sharing.

  • ann

    Great ideas thanks . I dont have alot of money to spend but I sure would love to have a pond in my yard. I do have lots of flowers already tho. Lots of yard work to do all the time.

  • Megan R

    Great post. I’m moving from an apartment to a house at the end of the month, so there will be lots of time in the backyard coming up for me!

  • neoh42f

    These are some great tips you’ve mentioned. I am currently trying to beautify my yard and without having much cash to work with. I’m trying to be creative by using items I already have and fixing them up by painting or arranging nicely. It’s looking pretty good so far!

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