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Prescription Eyeglasses from #Eyeglassio

I am sportin’ a new pair of prescription eyeglasses thanks to Eyeglassio. A really snazzy, very retro pair of glasses that I am totally loving!! A complete pair of reading glasses that I ordered on-line. From my own couch!

The selection over at Eyeglassio is extensive. It literally took me days to make a decision. HOURS of trying on eyeglasses; I do mean TRYING ON the eyeglasses!! IN my livingroom; on my couch!! This is the coolest shop! Using your webcam, snap your picture, dot your pupils and start trying on glasses!! It’s the COOLEST thing!! I finally chose The Javon glasses in black.
Javon1If you’ve been around my blog a while you have know that up until 4 years ago (when Alice was born) I worked for an Optometrist; so I know good lenses and good quality frames. I am thoroughly pleased with both frame and lenses from Eyeglassio. Eyeglassio

My prescription glasses are awesome!! Very retro looking, it’s the EXACT look I was going for!! AND BIG BONUS!! Less than a fourth of the price that I would have spent at the Optometrist office. The frames at the eye doc’s office aren’t $19.50. Of course the frames aren’t the biggest expense for new glasses; the lenses are what hurt me! I wear progressives and those can really add up!  Eyeglassio Progressive lenses are clear, thin and light 1.56 (trust me that’s good! As in a lens that is 20% thinner) UV protection and Hydrophobic lenses. Anti-Scratch coating all included. AMAZING quality lenses for $29.00

Where else are you going to pay $48.50 for a stylish, COMPLETE, pair of glasses for that much? Quality frame and crystal clear lenses along with a protective case and a microfiber cleaning cloth thrown in? Not the Optometrist’s office that’s for sure.

I couldn’t be happier!!  It’s so nice to have really clear vision again.


Are you kidding?!! I tried on glasses from my couch!! The selection of frames is amazing!! You want frames with rhinestones? They got ’em. You want wire rim frames? Got ’em. You want nerdy glasses? Got ’em. I’m telling you the selection is awesome!! Then there’s the prices. WOW!!! A complete pair progressive glasses under $50!! WOW!!! I am thoroughly and completely thrilled with my new glasses. I’ve already started shopping for sunglasses and a back up pair!! What do you think of this pair?? or Suns?? Soooo many choices!!



  • Kelly O

    Wow, not only super cute, but I love that you can “try them on” at home. That is great. I live in a tiny town, and the only place to try glasses would be Walmart and that is 45 minutes away. I don’t currently need glasses but I will check this store out when I do 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    I need new glasses & I’ve been putting it off because of the expense! (Insurance covers the exam but never the glasses!) This looks like something I need to check into!


    What a brilliant idea with none of the hassle of trying to find a convenient parking space since both Mum & I walk with sticks. And great prices, not to mention that the frames really suit you Connie! Looking good, girl!

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