Quillus Artist Brush and Stylus Review

If Mom is an artist she NEEDS this Quillus Artist Brush and Stylus!! This digital paint brush is so unique and so elegant looking!! The Quillus has a brush on one end and a stylus on the other that are completely interchangeable. Use the stylus for sketching, writing or as a general navigation tool. Use the very responsive and fun paintbrush to easily paint or draw with ANYWHERE!!  A lot of times sitting down to a canvas isn’t always easy. But how about being creative and artistic while the kids are playing soccer?? That’s where this artist tool comes in really handy!!

The Quillus is a real authentic paintbrush that doesn’t need paint or water!! No mess!! I love it!! I have a true painting experience on my iPad!! The Quillus delivers an authentic painting experience on your tablet or smart phone. It works with all capacitive touchscreens like iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus S, Nook tablet, Samsung Galaxy and other devices.

What is “capacitive touchscreen”?
There are two major categories of touchscreen displays: capacitive touchscreens and resistive touchscreens. Capacitive touchscreen displays rely on the electrical properties of the human body to detect when and where on a display the user touches. Because of this, capacitive displays can be controlled with very light touches of a finger or in this case the Quillus paint brush!


Quillus offers a full 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEIf you are not completely satisfied within 30 days return the stylus for a full refund. You can’t beat that!!

The Quillus stylus paint brush is lightweight and feels great in my hand. The Quillus works wonderfully with apps like Procreate, SketchTime, Brushes, Auryn Ink, ArtRage, Paper, SketchBookPro and Sketch Club. It’s the perfect addition to my newest game obsession Draw It.

This is a tool you will quickly fall in love with!!


Not a single one!! This stylus is sleek, well made and works perfectly!! 100% giftable!! The artist in your life would be thrilled with this stylus. I’m thoroughly and completely impressed!



  • Christine A.

    This is a very nice product, it definitely beats using a mouse cursor to make brushstrokes. I don’t know much about touchscreen displays and I’m glad I learned the difference between resistive and capacitive touchscreens. I’m impressed that this Quillus product can work on so many different devices and apps.

  • Sandy Cain

    I want this! I love painting and sketching, but I can’t see myself sitting on the subway with my watercolors. Hmm, to tell the truth, I can’t see myself sitting on the subway with this either, not if I want to keep it. I’d use it at home!

  • Carol S.

    Very interesting and looks like it would be alot of fun for young and old alike. Amazing how smoothly you made it work. Thanks for sharing.

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