Ready for CUTENESS!??!?! Check out #DollyMamas Kazoo!

I was not financially compensated for this post. As a member of Crossroads Media Hub I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Are you ready for cuteness overload?? The Dolly-Mamas dolls are so absolutely adorable!! I want to introduce you to Kazoo one of several Dolly Mamas Dolls. Kazoo is almost 8″ tall. Kazoo has no removable parts, so it’s safe for the little ones. Kazoo is washable, just wash in cold water and dry flat. My very VERY favorite  part (Other than Alice’s reaction, of course) is that Kazoo was hand knitted in Uganda!!! My little monkey is a world traveler!
Kazoo is made from 100% new wool and 100% new polyester stuffing.


Dolly-Mamas dolls are more than just cute.  They HELP families!!

Today we are working closely with Connect Africa. We taught Dr. Lynn Auerbach (project founder and a knitter herself) to knit our KuKu Dolls and she went back to her project in Uganda and taught many villagers to knit the dolls. The Dolly-Mamas LLC provides the yarn and purchases the finished dolls from the connect-Africa project, helping provide the knitters with an ongoing source of income. The very good news is that much of the money earned from knitting is being used to pay school tuition’s!

I put Kazoo in Alice’s car-seat without telling her. Check out her reaction! Yes, I KNOW, photo overload, I just can’t help myself!!

Kazoo is child safe, soft and cuddly. I have to admit he is so cute that this NaNa was extremely tempted to keep Kazoo for myself!! Anyone of the ADORABLE Dolly-Mamas dolls would be the PERFECT Baby Shower GIFT!!! 

KuKu Dolls are available in:

  • pattern downloads starting at $6.00
  • patterns starting at $6.50
  • kits that start at $32.00
  • dolls starting at $60.00
  • DVD that shows you how to create your own KuKu doll for $30.00

I truly am thrilled with Kazoo AND Dolly-Mamas. I truly love a company that gives back!!! Dolly-Mamas donates a portion of all profits to women & children”s causes, this means that the more successful they are, the more they can help. I hope you will take a look at the awesome selection!! #DollyMamas


  • Diane K. Brimmer

    The Dolly-Mamas Dolls are just so stink in cute! I just love them. They would be great for any gift occasions. Love the idea that they sell the patterns as well. Thank you so much for the review. Great information!

  • nancy chipriano

    These are really cute and look very cuddly. I think you’re right- one of these dolls would make a nice baby shower gift. The pattern would also make a nice gift for someone who is crafty!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Those dolls are super cute! It makes me wish I had a little girl to give it to! Maybe my cousin’s little granddaughter, lol!

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