Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hat Review

This is how my brain works, I wanted to give you all the update for oldest daughter Selena’s wedding, which is quickly approaching at the speed of light! THREE days to go!! So, I was going to share some of the hair ideas that our fantastic stylist Deborah from Studio 78 in Oceanside California has come up with. So, hair and heads NATURALLY would lead me to telling you about my new hat!! Right?? RIGHT!! Of course, the hippie in me is really going to come out in this post. I can’t help it. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s is thoroughly ingrained in me. I still prefer my old warn, hole-ridden jeans to slacks; wearing a long peasant dress to well, any other piece of clothing. I love peasant tops add embroidery to them and I’m giddy! Soft leather purses, sandals and straight hair. Yup, it’s true I’ve grown older I just haven’t grown UP!! Another of my favorites is hats. I love comfortable old straw hat, or a ratty old baseball cap over something brand new so when I saw this Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hat I HAD TO have it. First, this hat looks like I’ve OWNED it since the 60’s! It’s broke in and comfortable as all get out to wear.

The Real Deal Brazil hat is actually made from REAL recycled Brazilian truck tarps. How unique is that!? The hat also is shapeable because of the wire that is in the brim of the hat! The wire is actually recycled from truck tires! HELLO?! EVERY single part of this hat is recycled. It’s SO COOL!!! What I love the most is the fact that my hat is unique. NO ONE has my exact hat! Since each hat is made from a recycled tarp no two hats will ever be the same.

Not only is my tarp hat unique but it’s also water-resistant with a brim that gives my face full protection from the sun. The hat is completely adjustable, make the brim bend for the look or coverage that YOU desire. The first week or so the hat was on the stiff side but the more I wear it the more broke in it becomes. It’s also breaking ‘in’ faster than any hat I’ve ever owned. This HAT ROCKS!!!

This is a bundled package including a Real Deal Brazil Original Tarp Hat and Solo’s Accessories Leather Chin Cord. Solo’s Leather Chin Cord is made from Utah distressed leather which is approximately 5 feet in length and includes a cord lock. One of a kind recycled Brazilian canvas hat. (Note: Each Real Deal Hat is unique, Image is a representation) Our original Real Deal recycled-tarp hat is handcrafted in a remote town in equatorial Brazil, where recycling actually informs nearly every aspect of production, from the salvaged tarp scraps being applied as patches on other hats right down to the heavy wire hidden within each brim. That thin band of steel, reclaimed from trash-bound old truck tires, adds yet another element of uniqueness, allowing you to shape your own RDB pretty much any way you please! Authentic, rugged and effortlessly cool — find another head-topper that can top that! Perfect for gardening, traveling, fishing or even a day at the beach! No need to take care of this hat it will take care of you. Available in sizes Small (21.5″ – 6) Medium (22″ – 7), Large (23″ – 7 3/8), XL (24″ – 7 5/8), XXL (25″ – 8)

  • Real deal brazil tarp hat is unique and made from recycled Brazilian truck tarps
  • Featured in movies like Zombieland and The Losers
  • Shapeable into various hat styles including a cowboy hat style
  • Great hat to shade your face and neck from the sun. Great for beaches, fishing, geocaching, etc
  • Solo’s Accessories Leather Chin Cord is made from Utah distressed leather and includes a cord lock

Of course I wouldn’t forget to share some idea photos for Selena’s hair. Selena is going very retro in her wedding theme. Now mind you, Selena is not my girly girl; she doesn’t DO big hair, which of course is why I had to share a couple of pictures. Just look at the expression on her face!

Super cute hair right?? I can’t wait to see the final ‘look’.

Yup, that’s how my brain works, wedding hair and tarp hats! Hand in hand!


None, seriously COOL looking hat!!!!


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