Red Flickering Flameless Candles #FlickerinFlamelesCandles

Y’all know how much I love candles; I love the soft glow they put off. Now that Valentines Day is just around the corner, candles are a must have for that romantic dinner with your sweetheart. What makes this particular set of candles so special is two fold. First, they are red. A nice deep red which looks really nice on the table. The second awesome feature is the fact that these Comenzar Flickering Flameless Candles are waterproof so they can be set up outside and you don’t ever have to worry about bringing them inside! I love that!!

More to love is the fact that the remote that I use for my other Comenzar Candles works with this set. I love that I have a single remote for a room full of candles!! Such a cool feature.

Next up, I can set the timer for the candles to come on for 2•4•6•8 hour increments. The best part?? I set these candles for let’s say 2 hours. The candles will cycle every 24 hours! So tomorrow at the same time these candles will turn on at the same brightness and flickering effects as before, until the batteries run out. It’s so nice to come home to the soft glow of candlelight with none of the fire dangers associated with real candles. Did you know that one-third of all house fires start with candles??

Each candle requires 2AA batteries. (Ummmm it just might be time for me to invest in some rechargeable batteries!!)

The candles are each 3″ in diameter. The candles range in height starting with the smallest at 4″, medium is 5″ and the largest being 6″


I’m not crazy about the plastic, my other Comenzar candles truly resemble candles. You have to be up-close to know they aren’t real. These however are plastic looking. The glow is still nice, the flicker effect is still beautiful, I just wish the candles looked more realistic.


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