Relax in Salt Lake City!! Give-AwaY!!!

Do you live in Salt Lake City?  Do you have family in Salt Lake??  Your best friend lives in SLC??  Want to give a gift of a massage?? Or keep it for yourself??  Then have I got a giveaway for YOU!!! The Heaven and Health Massage Giveaway

This giveaway is a gift certificate for a free massage.  $70 value. (It does expire June 13, 2012) This is an AWESOME giveaway because you can win it for someone else!!  If you have a family member that lives in SLC have it sent to them!!  Wouldn’t this be a great gift??  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day….. or you live in the area or are planning to be in the area!??  What a treat this gift certificate would be!!

This awesome giveaway is thanks to Amy from Heaven and Health Massage.  Amy is a certified licensed massage therapist.  Amy graduated with honors from Renaissance School of Therapeutic Massage.

The Heaven and Health massage studio is located Downtown Salt Lake one block from the Gateway Mall.

After reading all the different massages Amy has for her patients to choose from I’m just sorry I’m not sitting in the waiting area RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

Please be sure and send this giveaway to your friends in Salt Lake City.  They’ll thank you if they win!! Honest!!
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