Remodeling Update

Your Sunday remodeling update.

MAN! Remodeling is NOT for the faint of heart! (I know, I KNOW… I say that every update) It’s also not something you should do unless you have an abundance of patience!!!!!! I mean like OVER-FLOWING with patience!! AND really like to clean too! So much dirt!!

The kitchen. Yes, it’s still under construction. It is slowly coming along. But progress is being made!  The Husband (my handyman!!) installed our new light fixture. I helped….. I held it up! That’s helping!! Especially if you say “are you done yet?” A lot. That makes the job go way faster. (I’m kidding! Mostly! That sucker is heavy!!) Heavy but stunning!

Remodeling Update My new lights

The kitchen is painted. I am loving this color Bass and the ceiling is a light white mocha chocolate with the Painted Linen color cabinets.  Pretty huh??

Still so much to do. SO MUCH more!!

The flooring for the kitchen is done and it’s spectacular! I love this color of linoleum. Here is what it was before

Remodeling Update Old flooring

Sooooooo turns out the tile was glued to the backer board. The backer board was nailed (as in a nail every inch!!) to the flooring. Sooooo this tile was a nightmare to remove!!

Remodeling Update SO MUCH DIRT

Then the floor had to be leveled. Yes, it’s been one thing after another!!Remodeling Update

Then the tiling began!!Remodeling UpdateFinally! My wood floor is so PRETTY!!!!

Remodeling Update


Counters have been measured and ordered. That’s a great big step!

My craft-room office is coming along nicely as well. I can’t WAIT to start filling cupboards and putting things away! I have some things I want to make as thank you gifts to my girls at Home Depot. I’m tellin’ you…….. if you are in need of a new best friend just head to your local Home Depot and grab one. Only not the Ponderay Home Depot. I already have dibs!!

The ladies that I have been dealing with Nora, Suzanne and Linda are amazing! (NO HD isn’t paying me to gush, I just love them that much!!) They have let me whine and complain and talk me down off a ledge several times. They have helped me match counters, paint and cupboards, knobs and drawer pulls, light fixtures, appliances and so much more. They have given me excellent advice and help every single step of the way. Seriously, I’ve taken stalking to new heights with these ladies!!

I can’t wait to show you more next week!! Like the CARPET!! It starts on Monday!!!!



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