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RepairSmith the most convenient way to repair and maintain your car.

My Dad was a jack-of-all-trades. He was a precision welder, trust me the man COULD weld! We never called a repairman for anything. EVER. From plumbing to cars the man could fix everything. Oh my gosh, when it came to cars the man was a genius. I swear, he may have been a mean S.O.B but the man could take the worst car on the road and make it purr like a kitten.  My Dad kept cars running wayyyyyyy past their prime. I never stressed about car maintenance, my Dad was my ‘car guy’.

But, now days I don’t have that luxury. Now I have to research and plan. Because after you find a ‘car guy’ or garage, you have to juggle their schedule and your schedule.  Then when you do find that perfect repair place you give up hours sitting in a lobby with magazines that are 10 years old in uncomfortable chairs watching a TV show that you have no interest in. In other words BORED. OUT. OF. YOUR. MIND. Of course you could find someone to come and get you…… take you back….. ugh….. OR!!! Yup, y’all knew I was going somewhere with this didn’t you?

Call RepairSmith!! Say whaaaaaa???  Yup, RepairSmith offers the most convenient way to repair and maintain your car. Check this out!!  For the first time, car owners can choose to get their cars repaired directly in their driveways or at one of our certified repair shops. We’re making the entire car repair experience easy from start to finish by offering upfront pricing, online booking, after-hours support, and a service warranty.

Right now, RepairSmith is currently servicing California and Las Vegas however, they will be rolling out to other major cities soon. Right now though they service the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, as well as the Bay Area and Sacramento.

Seriously, HOW COOL is that?!?! You don’t have to drag the kids to sit in a waiting room, no giving up a day off! Stay home, binge on Netflix (which by the way, if you haven’t watched Longmire I highly recommend that show!)

You can have these guys come to you at WORK so you don’t even have to miss a day! Seriously, how brilliant is this service??

RepairSmith expert delivery mechanics are equipped with company vans and state-of-the-art tools and equipment allowing them to handle about 85% of repairs on-site. If shop-level tools are required, car owners can drop off at one of our fully-vetted shops. We stand behind all work with a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty.

Between the convenience, the warranty and the competitive pricing isn’t worth calling and getting a quote?!?!


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  • heather

    This is so cool I am going to see if they are in our area too. I would so use this company thanks for sharing. Hope my comment appears on your end as I am not seeing it on my end.

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