RFID Blocking Wallet Review & G!ve*Away!

TravelProducts.com is THE shopping site for all your travel needs!   If it will make your traveling easier TravelProduct.com HAS it!!  Do you need a electrical adapter?  GOT IT!!!   Do you need a Travel Pillow? GOT IT!!  What to pack? There is a page that will help!! A downloadable Packing list? It’s there!! I’m telling you this is the all around FULL travelers site!! This site was so much fun to shop on I finally settled on the RFID Blocking Ladie’s Wallet to review.

This wallet is the coolest army green color. (Truly my favorite shade of green).  There is an orange flower stitched on the wallet. SO PRETTY!!!   Inside is a beautiful bright orange, white, yellow and green strip material.  There is a zipper center for change. There are  enough slots for 12 credit cards. A special clear spot for your ID.  Then the whole thing zips shut.  AWWWWWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
Function and beauty! With travel you want your credit cards to be secure. Okay I take that back…. I want my credit cards secure all the time!! So why not have a pretty wallet that protects from Radio Frequency ID scanners.  It’s really scary how easy it is for crooks to get your information!!  I found an article on Wikipedia that explains how your credit cards could be at risk!
Wireless identity theft is a relatively new technique of gathering an individual’s personal information from RF-enabled cards carried on a person in their access control, credit, debit, or government issued identification cards. Each of these cards carry a Radio frequency identification chip which responds to certain radio frequencies. When these “tags” come into contact with radio waves, they respond with a slightly altered signal. The response can contain encoded personal identifying information, including the card holder’s name, address, Social Security Number, phone number, and pertinent account or employee information.

Upon capturing (or ‘harvesting’) this data, the thief is then able to program their own cards to respond in an identical fashion (via ‘cloning’). Many sites are dedicated to nothing but teaching people how to perform this act, as well as supplying the necessary equipment and software.
The financial industrial complex is currently migrating from the use of magnetic stripes on debit and credit cards which technically require a swipe through a magnetic card swipe reader. These transactions take approximately 48 seconds, whereas the newer radio frequency tagged card transactions require approximately 12 seconds. The number of transactions per minute can be increased, and more transactions can be processed in a shorter time, therefore making for arguably shorter lines at the cashier.
The wonderful people at Travel Products.com are offering one lucky Peanut Butter and Whine reader a $25.00 Gift Certificate!!  
Disclosure: I received this wallet from Travel Products.com free, in exchange for my honest review of the product(s). All opinions are 100% mine! 

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