Rock ON!! August Audio Fest at Best Buy!!

Rock on, ummmmm, I mean COUNTRY ON!!! We do love music in our house!! Of course, like everything else, DH and I have completely opposite tastes in music. DH is a hard rock, heavy metal music like Def Leppard, Poison, Van Halen, Tesla and such. I’m a country gal with a few soft rock artists thrown in.  I love modern country. NOT the twangy stuff, I’m not a fan of Hank Williams Jr, Buck Owens and that generation. I lean more towards Gary Allan, Alan Jackson, Hunter Hayes and in the rock category I love Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Daniel Powter, Cher. Music. We love music!!

I’d like to introduce you to the Marriage Saver, I’m sorry I mean the Samsung Shape™ Wireless Audio system!! Samsung M7 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker and the Samsung Wireless Speaker Hub make up one very awesome audio system! WOW!!! This has to be the coolest way to listen to, share and experience music, EVER!! Samsung Shape™ Wireless Audio is an expandable system. We couldn’t be more thrilled!! We can play music, crystal clear music anywhere in our home!! Well, that’s not the exciting part!! We can play one song in any or all rooms OR DIFFERENT SONGS IN any room we want!!  By adding speakers to different rooms in the house and then play music only in select rooms!! I’m not done!!!  I can play my country music in the livingroom and bedroom. DH can play HIS music in the kitchen and dining-room. ALL from the same system!!  ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

We are so thrilled with our new audio system!!  Playing different songs in different rooms from any number of speakers!! HOW cool is THAT?!?!  Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity lets us send our favorite music from libraries on our Galaxy S4 phones, iPod, iPad to our new audio system.  Our new sound system has three parts, two M7 Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Speakers These speakers allow me to wirelessly stream music stored on an Apple or Android device with this Samsung WAM751/ZA speaker that features 2 tweeters, 2 midrange drivers and 1 woofer for cross-spectrum sound.Then the Samsung Wireless Speaker Hub which is compatible with WAM750/751 wireless speakers and select Apple® and Android devices. Compatible with multiple devices! Truly easy setup!

The setup was fairly easy to do. Hook up the hub to the network.  Make the speaker talk to the hub.  Download the apps to our phones and iPad.  Voila!! Music!! DH had us up and running in less than 10 minutes. It would have been faster, but I tried to help!!

We have all of our music together in one place. Not only from our personal libraries but we can listen to internet radio, Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes, TuneIn. Add in Group Play/Party Mode Using the Hub and the App and we have a PARTY!!! Play one song in one room, multiple rooms or different songs in each room. All from different sources. ALL from our amazing Samsung Shape™ Wireless Audio system!!

Being able to control our music FROM our separate devices’s is SO COOL!! I can even turn OFF the music in other rooms without getting out of my chair!


Key Features For The Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System!


  • You can buy one or MORE speakers.
  • Connect speakers wirelessly to the router or directly to your network with a LAN cable
  • Adding the HUB to your package allows you to connect multiple speakers to the system. This allows you to play different music in multiple rooms throughout the house
  • Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity lets you send music from your library or favorite app straight to your speakers
  • In addition to listening to music in your own digital library, you can also stream Pandora, Amazon Cloud Player, Rhapsody, and other music sources to your speakers
  • Speakers available in black or white to match your decor
  • Speakers can be laid horizontally or vertical by attaching the stand that is included
  • Compatible with iOS 4.3 and above, Android 2.3 and above, certain PCs and Macs. Also compatible with Select Samsung Televisions using the sound connect function
    • Dolby® Digital
    • DTS™ (Ready)
    • MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, and FLAC

Stereo Sound.  Beautiful clear, clean sound!

• Dual Band Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth® 3.0 with NFC
• TV SoundConnect™
• Shape Multiroom Link Compatible
• Wall Mountable (part sold separately)

The speakers are large a full 13.5″ x 4.5″ x 6.6″ and weigh 5.1 pounds each. The speakers come in black or white.

August Audio Fest is taking place across all Best Buy stores from 8/3/14 – 8/30/14 featuring one month of deals audio specials, events & more. For the best offers on THE BEST audio products head into Best Buy!! NOW!!! Definitely during the August Fest!! Yes, the entire month of August!! Let Best Buy teach you how to upgrade YOUR sound!! From portable Bluetooth speakers and headphones, to home theater solutions and car audio, Best Buy has it ALL!! Check out the amazing audio products being reviewed this month by following the hashtag #AudioFest on Twitter. Follow Best Buy on Twitter.

We give Best Buy and Samsung Shape™ Wireless Audio system four very enthusiastic thumbs up. WAY, WAY, WAY UP! See you at Best Buy!!

This reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free


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