Saky Sacks Eco Friendly Totes Review


PERFECT For The Greener’s On Your Christmas List!!!

I keep canvas bags in my car for shopping trips. I also use canvas or nylon totes to haul my stuff back and forth when I babysit the Grandkids. I love having unique and pretty tots.  I end out carrying a LOT of stuff!! I’ve put my new Saky Sack through a lot of tests in the past few weeks. This is the sturdiest bag! AND HUGE too!!  Since so many stores are now charging for plastic bags my new Saky Sack comes in super handy!!  You really never know when a bag like this will come in handy. Girl Scout motto be prepared!

So, what are Saky Sacks?? Basically a very stylish reusable bag. These bags are perfect for shopping trips, beach trips, just about anything that you need to haul around. Saky Sacks will hold up-to 25 pounds. Yup, you read that right 25 POUNDS!!  Which is absolutely amazing because these bags are so lightweight! I really didn’t think this bag would hold that much, but it did with ease! Saky Sacks are not just strong but tear, stain and water resistant too.

Saky Sacks are made of Tyvek  which is known for being very durable. It’s hard to describe the material, it feels like plastic and canvas mixed together. It’s so lightweight. Added bonus when you are done with your bag just roll up the bag and clasp the key ring around the elastic band.

The Saky Sacks are also machine washable, but hang it to dry, just don’t put them in the dryer.


I received the Saky Weekend Camo bag. It’s huge!! 15″ x 18″ by 7″. There is an interior clasp to keep everything safe and secure. There is even an inside pocket.  I love that this bag folds up small enough to fit into my purse. Camo isn’t exactly my style, but it’s grown on me. There are tons of different styles and colors to choose from.

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I would love to know which Saky Sack is your favorite!? I think mine is the pale pink in the first set of photos.  It’s called the City Saky Signature.

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