Save money on textbooks!!

This business appears to be gone. Bummer.

College students have many financial worries, which include paying rent and tuition. Between all the financial strains, paying for school materials, such as textbooks, should be their last concern. However, many students are having a very hard time justifying spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks per semester, having difficulty reselling, or even not needing them after school. Students are discovering that if they rent textbooks, instead of buying them, they can indeed save thousands of dollars over their college career. Renting your Business Aspects of Optometry textbook is easy. Simply search for it by title, ISBN number, subject, keyword, or author. Once the book is ordered you have up to 30 days to change your mind for a 100% money-back guarantee. The books are promptly shipped to your doorstep and can easily be returned in a prepaid envelope provided. With free shipping both ways, you never get stuck with huge postal charges. The rental periods are extremely flexible and cater to the busy life of a college student. You can rent textbooks on a summer, semester or quarter basis. If you need to keep your book just a little bit longer to study for that final exam, feel free to take advantage of the extensions periods available. Furthermore you don’t have to worry about delayed postage on your return, as there are 15 day grace periods applied to all returns. Renting your college textbooks is an easy way to save money in college for things that really matter-like food.

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  • Diane K.Brimmer

    That is a great idea and would save so much money and time. Thanks for the information as I have kids still going to college.

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