Scrabble To Go Giveaway!!! 3 Winners!!!

Okay boys and girls pop quiz!! WAIT… Come BACK I was only kidding!!! But, I do have some interesting stuff to tell you today. (Like everyday!! Right?? RIGHT!! Just agree with me, this goes much faster if you don’t argue!)

Scrabble was invented by an unemployed American architect by the name of Alfred Butts. Born in Poughkeepsie New York he invented the Scrabble Board Game in 1938. The game name went through several changes; originally the game was called “Lexiko”, then it became “Criss Cross Words” another name given the game was “It”.

The first year that Scrabble came out on the market Butts actually lost money. $432 to be exact. Which in 1938 was a lotta cash! Butts started looking for a buyer only to be continually rejected. Eventually, game-lover James Brunot, bought the game and renamed it “Scrabble”, a Dutch word meaning “to grope frantically” (great name because I do grope frantically when I have all consonants. Or all vowels!!)

Scrabble is one of those games that should be in every household. It’s a great learning game for kids. It’s a great game for keeping your brain sharp long after the kids move out.

I am so excited about THIS particular Scrabble Game because it’s a travel Scrabble!! Oh and when I say travel Scrabble I mean this one would be perfect for a plane trip, car trip, camping trip or even just a day at the park. This Scrabble To Go is from my favorite game people Winning Moves and it’s got PERKS!!

Starting with the heavy duty canvas cover that zips closed on 3 sides.  When the game is open it lays flat for play. Very NICE!! But that is only the first of the perks! The letter pieces actually click into place. Which means that if you don’t finish your game it’s okay you can still pick up where you left off by simply folding the game in half and zipping the game closed. However, my favorite perk is the trays. Unlike the regular wood trays in the standard games these trays are plastic and have a LID!!! Need to pause the game? Close the lid and place it in the slot on the back of the game and your letters are safe, secure and still a secret!! How absolutely brilliant is that!?

The game also comes with a generous score pad and a pocket to store it in.


None. Not a single whine! First, the case is heavy duty. The game board locks the letters in place. My extra tiles are hidden and secure if our game is interrupted. Everything stays together. I am thrilled. I keep this game in my car and I’m ready for a game anytime! Anywhere! I’m even more thrilled because I get to host a Giveaway so that one Lucky Peanut Butter And Whine follower will win their own Scrabble To Go game from Winning Moves!! Good Luck!!

GIVEAWAY TIME NOW with THREE winners!!!!



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