Minute Screen Door

If you are anything like me you love to have the doors and windows WIDE open!! I actually can get so much done with music blaring, windows and doors open. I LOVE summer!!!  Except, we don’t have screen doors and I do NOT like the bugs!! Well, HELLOOOOOOO Minute Screen!! It truly, is ready to go in minutes!! The Minute Screen comes with a really sturdy tension rod that fits any doorway 35″ to 37″. PERFECT for our patio door.  ADDED bonus the Minute Screen has two tension rod pockets so it will fit doors that are 78″ to 80″ tall. PERFECT!!!  The bottom of the minute screen is weighted so the screen isn’t flapping around in the wind. DSC_3009 Place the tension rod through one of the two openings. DSC_3013 Spread the Minute Screen out and peel and stick the Velcro pieces to the side of the door jam. Bring together the pieces of Velcro and you are DONE!! The Minute Screen stays on when we close the door because it’s only on the outer door jam. Ready to put away the screen? NO problem, peel off the Velcro and release the tension rod and store the Minute Screen till next time. DSC_3014The Minute Screen has magnets that catch and hold tight after you walk through. AWESOME!! The screen itself is heavy duty. The kids or the dog are not gonna be tearing this screen up.  It’s HEAVY DUTY!!  With that said, Gracie our Lab, won’t go through the Minute Screen, she thinks it’s a real door!! She wants us to OPEN the door for her.  Makes up laugh every time! DSC_3016   The Minute Screen is $35.95 on Amazon. Way cheaper than a screen door. The Minute Screen is perfect solution for us! I get to open the house up with no bugs, without breaking the bank! What about you?  Are you a house wide open type of person? DSC_3015 DSC_3017




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