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Hello little Peanuts. As you can tell I’m pretty much still on vacation mode! Holy MOLY!! Vacation made me MELLLLLO!!!  I truly only want to play in my craft-room.  Walmart had Alice size t-shirts on clearance for $1.00!  Needless to say Alice has gotten a non-stop supply of t-shirts.  I imagine my daughter doesn’t have to do laundry for at least a month!!  From Harry Potter to 1st Day of School designs. My Cricut Maker machine is the BEST INVESTMENT E-V-E-R!!  I’m made stickers for my daughters car. Selena (the daughter) bought Alice plain notebooks verses the fancier ones and I sent stickers. Deer, bears, and moose. Alice requested a couple extra’s; squirrel and a weasel.  A WEASEL?!?! She’s 8! WHY a weasel?!  ANYWAY…..  stickers came out super cute and made a .10 cent notebook look fancy.  Then I printed and cut the 1st Day of School frames, words like teacher, date, grade, height, weight, what she wants to be when she grows up and a place for her to write her name. It will be fun to watch these things grow as over the years.

Best part? These vinyl sayings were placed inside the frame, she can use wipe off markers and start fresh when Alice goes into 4th grade. The whole thing came out so cute!

Yeah the ring has nothing to do with any of this………. but if anyone spots a ring like this with cubic zirconia (of course) be sure to remember where and let me know!!

Deck (upstairs and main floor) still aren’t done. HOWEVER! If you aren’t scared of heights you will be fine. We have flooring but no rails and it’s A REALLY long way down. (NO we don’t let Bear go on the patio! Nope, my luck she’d see a rabbit and hope 2 stories!) We are hoping we have rails before the first snow, but not getting my hopes up. The front porch I REALLY don’t think will be completed before next spring. However, what’s up looks amazing.

I think that’s all I have for you this month.

Now the REAL reason you are here!


I truly am thankful you stop by!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts!

256 thoughts on “September is HERE! Single Blog #Win! $50 Your Way #Giveaway

  1. Got a bunch of small things done, but it seems like I didn’t get much accomplished. Last day of September, must enjoy this nice weather, still sleeveless, but cool and so nice!

  2. Another Monday. I have an appointment tomorrow in Lexington, so that means a long day spent on an ambulance stretcher. (No wheelchair if I have to be transferred to another bed, etc.) I’m anticipating a long day.

  3. Up early to watch Scotland take on Samoa in the Rugby World Cup (it’s in Japan so there’s a big time difference). It’s raining and Lorenzo is heading our way later this week so we’re expecting even more rain than usual.

  4. Today’s been a whole lot better then the whole weekend Saturday I discovered my truck was stolen and then the police found it Saturday night who ever stole it took my husband’s system, deck and amp out of it. 🙁 I feel so bad for him he’s worked so hard for those!

  5. Nice day today, got some fresh air. Made some Italian anise cookies. Finished the dishes, and settling in now for the evening!

  6. Have to make another trip to the lawyer tomorrow so couldn’t take today off….. got a new bed ready for veggies.. cleaned out the flower bed and put in new seedlings….. cleaned out the aviary…..put some new plants in the conservatory and to end it did a load of laundry….
    Sunday lunch is in the oven and I am ready for a cocktail and to just sit down….I might be gone for the better part of tomorrow so it all had to be done….

  7. Wow! Sarah has snow! We have grey, lots of it, and damp. My old bone breaks are beginning to feel the change in the seasons. Still can’t tweet – it took 7 days for them to let me back last time. Suppose this means I have time to do housework 🙁

  8. You have snow! We have 85 degrees tomorrow. (I miss being able to comment on your instagram – but it still hates me and won’t let me have an account)

  9. AGH and AGH again! Twitter won’t let me tweet again. So bloomin’ annoying. Last week it took 7 days before it came back. All I do is share comp. tweets etc. Oh, well … I have a roof over my head & food in my belly, shouldn’t complain.

  10. Day is winding out, I just kind of went with the flow, getting things done, but with no plan or “to do” list in sight! Whee!

  11. The new roommate is a puzzle. I was told she has cancer, ‘eat up with it’ was the phrase used. It’s hard to understand her speech, but that could be because of the cancer, or maybe she was that way before. She seems slightly developemently challenged, but then again that could be the cancer. She seems like a nice lady, either way.

  12. Of course the tech never came and no one called either… the grand scheme of things it is not really that important but very annoying.. have to do a bit of spraying with neem oil today….then enjoy the rest of the day…

    1. Oh, it is just annoying enough to get under your skin!! You try not to let it become a big deal, but it is irritating, lol.

  13. I am BEAT. Did some home improvement projects and then took my kids to an astronomy festival. Walked all OVER the place!

  14. Well, they put a new roommate in. This one is dying of cancer. Have I become the person they give dying roommates to? It is upsetting to watch someone die.

        1. Kate, I think it sucks how they make you suffer much longer than necessary while they do x-rays, etc., when the doctor likely knew the MRI would be needed. I hope you get relief soon.

  15. Telephone Company still has not fixed our internet….seriously thinking of dropping everything including the land line and going with a digicel package.. wireless….have to see what happens by next week….worked outside weeding and now just planning on relaxing with my book…

  16. Day is going good, my ride is coming for grocery shopping in a little bit. I hope to be home before the thunderstorms start!!

  17. Woke up this morning throwing up. That’s never good, lol. Acid reflux, I guess. That happens when you eat salsa at midnight!

  18. Fun way to earn money by just showing up. 7 people showed up for the research study, but they only needed 5. So I sat around for 15 minutes and they gave me the money.

  19. Nice day out today. I walked to town. We have a new state bag rule now. I asked for a double bag at CVS, as I informed her I have to carry all the way home. She wouldn’t do it, and guess what, my bag broke all the bottom and sides, and I had a really hard time getting home. I understand they want to save a tree, but it can be too much. I had forgotten to bring my own bag for CVS, I always remember for the grocery store.

  20. I volunteer at a local Thrift Center and had a great day! It is an unusual place,because people get get stuff free their and not have to pay any money! I go once a week and work with about 10 women! We have fun and get along good together!

  21. Another really nice day today, a great way to kick off fall! Getting dark so much earlier, already have the lights on for night time!

  22. Still the threat of rain today but the sky looks much better….. working up here today.. changing some curtains in the kitchen for “fall” and bringing all the autumn dinnerware and glassware up…time to enjoy the bold colors….

  23. Good swim, then shopping and then dinner at Arby’s with the Bronco deal since they got 2 touchdowns (they didn’t win, but 2 touchdowns count)

  24. Day is going OK. First day of fall is a nice one. I was supposed to go to town, but then changed my mind, as there are so many things to get done here!

  25. Blessed be the storm bypassed us here in our little village up high.. areas of the country were evacuated and flooding occurred with electricity outages in other areas….schools are closed and the clean-up goes on today with more rain predicted for later this afternoon….

  26. Tropical storm warning for today into tomorrow….went outside and put away anything that could be a problem…..Have all the energy today so decided to re-arrange the pantry and make an inventory for bulk shop next month….getting ready for the holidays and the advent of the hardest part of the rainy season….

  27. Busy day – found a great deal on a bed at the thrift store and went out and got a mattress for it. Little girl is fast asleep in her cool new bed!

  28. Day is going good, nice day out. Getting a few things done. Had a nice long chat with a relative I hadn’t seen in a while!

  29. Quiet day. Global strike for climate action, so I spent some time doing eco things – cooking vegetarian food, line drying our laundry, etc.

  30. Still mad.. why ?? continuing buying internet via my mobile.. called our phone company to complain and now it supposedly is going to the supervisor to be placed further up the repair chain… and I also have some swamp land to sell you…..

  31. Nice day out, today. It started cold but by mid day it was almost 80! Went to town and stopped at the library, they have a good selection of magazines you can take out, then to Penzey’s for a free gift of spice, and stopped at Whole Foods for some milk and chips. I don’t have Prime so I don’t buy hardly anything there, only minimum to tide me over for when I go shopping. Saw my neighbor at the library.

  32. Nice day out, but cold for Sept – 40 degrees! So decided to not go out, since it is going back up to 80!! Errands can wait!

  33. My day was going great. On track to get my husband to pain specialist for lumbar ablation. Then office calls to cancel appointment because Dr is sick!

  34. So, I saw the lymphadema specialist yesterday. I’ll be seeing her twice a week to help keep the edema under control, until I can get back to being able to walk and use the legs, which should be enough to help th edema permanantly.

  35. Had a grand time in the shoppes this morning.. I do love grocery shopping…packing up my ingredients for the holidays already so I don’t have to rush as orders come in….now to watch the rain and read with a hot cup of coffee…

  36. Quiet day, hope it stays that way. And sunny, too. Was able to get some mending and cleaning done that I need the bright light in here!

  37. looks like summer wants to hang on around here.
    I am just back from yoga and now onto some things that need to be done around the house.

  38. Internet went down this morning.. had to purchase a plan on my phone.. I hate doing that but until the provider does a fix I must have my connection….. am I complaining yes!! LOL

  39. Started out dark and rainy, then suddenly nice and sunny! Got a few things checked off the “to do” list, so that felt good!

  40. Today is the first day in over a week I’m actually feeling good! What I thought was bad allergies turned into a nasty head & chest cold! Lots and lots of tea with lemon & honey with a day or two of complete rest I’m back to cooking & baking!

  41. Oh boy, the arthritis went bonkers last night, right knee throbbing. I think it’s because I’ve been off of it too long. Weird thing about arthritis, though it might ache when you use a joint it will hurt much worse if you stop using it! Geeze. When did I get so old, lol. I mean, all I seem to talk about is what hurts. Oh, well. Things are getting better, slowly but surely.

  42. Got a bunch of cooking done today, just finished cleaning up. Dark and rainy, but I like that esp when I’m going to be inside, and don’t need bright sunlight for sewing, etc.

  43. Well, no bad news at the surgeon’s today. My back has been ‘stable’ this past month, no loss of bone, so hopefully, over more time, the bone will begin to fuse. I know it’s Friday the 13th, and full moon tonight…but technically full moon isn’t until after midnight, so maybe it’s separate from the 13th, lol. Either way, I bet things will go bonkers around here tonight.

  44. It has been a glorious day weather-wise plus my niece did really well in her exams and my sister’s eye problem looks like it’s resolving itself (something to do with the vitreous humour becoming too thick).

  45. Good day. Got back early from groceries, and now settling in with some tea on a rainy day. Have chores to do, but taking a break!

  46. I have an appt. tomorrow with the back surgeon. He’s doing x-rays to see if the area they did surgery on with the osteomyelitis (bone infection) from the MRSA is healing the way it should. They had to scrape out bone that was infected and hopefully it will start to fuse on it’s own.

  47. Last night we got the tail end of Dorian and now the tropical Storm Gabrielle is on her way so it’s warm & humid out there. Got a Doc.’s appointment this afternoon – another sinus infection 🙁

  48. Fun Sensory Garden tour this afternoon. Toured the garden and then made fresh flower arrangements. Had just enough time to get to the pool for half an hour.

  49. Nice weather so far, rain and t-storms later. They turned the water off, due to repairs being done, so trying to get things done I don’ need to use the water. Amazing how many things need the water!!

  50. Have a to-do list for garden expansion better get moving.. as it is the project is long and first I have to get some bamboo cut for me….if I can realize my dream of harvesting my own fruit and veggies entirely I will be a happy camper or should I say glamper!

  51. One of our generous neighbors has an overproductive plum tree so we spent the day picking plums and making plum butter and plum muffins! My house smells great!

  52. Most of the excess fluid that bizarrely built up in my legs has finally gone. I’m looking forward to getting back to physical therapy soon. I just want to get home really soon.

  53. Day is going good. I went to the Target store that just opened up in our area, nice to have one close by. I just bought a couple things, they had a special coupon for the opening. Whooppee!

  54. Spent the day working with my cooked down compost.. putting it in the veggie garden.. Re planted some US sweet potatoes and the day flew by….Have to go in to the village tomorrow for some hardware supplies….

  55. So far so good. Any day to get up out of bed is a good one. Have a few things going on but that makes life interesting.

  56. Nice early “fall” day today. Cooking up a batch of chickpeas in the slow cooker, going to make some hummus from scratch!

  57. My sister rang in a panic late last night – her sight in one eye is suddenly v. bad. It happened once before when she woke up blind in that eye. I’m taking her to an opthalmologist later this morning so fingers crossed.

  58. I had a wonderful day celebrating my birthday. My daughter took me to breakfast and then all my kids took me to dinner and bought gifts.

  59. I’m sitting here watching Serengeti. It’s the last episode. I swear, it’s like an animal soap opera, lol. If you didn’t watch it, you should.

  60. Nice out today, another day like fall! Time to get out the pumpkin spice. I love NuNaturals Pumpkin Spice Syrup (with Stevia), a little in your coffee, and ooh yum!

  61. Pretty sure I’m dealing with an “end of summer” cold. I’ll be hunkered in bed with my tea & tissues after making some more elderberry syrup.

  62. Started some passionfruit seeds and more apple.. the apple never fruits but the trees I have raised have lovely blooms… for the passionfruit I lost all my vines in last years tropical waves.. so begin again i always say….Happy weekend all….

      1. It has been about 5 years for them to flower…they only flower sparingly Kate and then drop the flowers very soon after.. for a short while they are so pretty and the smell is out of this world… Chanel # 5 would be jealous… for all those folks who think that temperate trees/fruit do not grow in the tropics think again.. they adapt and bring something new to your garden…

  63. it is a beautiful day out and we are going out to meet up with some people (perhaps) later. Hopefully will take a walk and enjoy the day.

  64. Day is going good. It really feels like fall today! Cool and breezy. Two fall candles just arrived today from Yankee Candle. Looking forward to trying them!

  65. Getting ready to hurry to town to do a few errands before we start getting rain and then winds the bands from Dorian. My pillows arrived from Target yesterday, they had a sale, and I got a really good deal. Tried them out last night and so nice! Yea!

  66. I feel angry and upset ?
    The dang Chicago Bears ? sucked!
    They lost to Green Bay!!
    They not only lost, but they looked like amateurs!

  67. I think I’m about ready to get back to physical therapy. A lot of the extra fluid has come off and I can lift my right leg finally, lol. My advice, avoid water pills at all cost! They are the pits.

  68. Just got back from groceries and putting things away. Nice day out today. I drank half of a half-gallon container of orange juice while I was waiting for my ride home. I wonder if it was from being sick, that I couldn’t eat or drink much, but feeling better finally!

  69. Hurricane Dorian is coming today so I’m concerned about losing power and damaging winds. I hope it passes quickly.

  70. At last we have a bit of nice weather so I’m heading outside. That’s the only drawback to being chemical-free: the weeds never stop growing but at least the bees are happy and the chemicals aren’t getting into our water supply!

  71. Good swim, then stop at library to pick up 2 books I had on hold. That is such a good service: I see a book online that looks interesting, pop over to the library site, put it on hold and then sooner or later I get the book.

  72. Day is going good, it is going to start raining and more t-storms soon, so I need to get a chore done outside before it starts!!!

  73. Busy day. Started at the gardens with the monthly SPARK group. Wondered about the gardens then make live flower arrangements. I made one and took it with me to the Infusion Center where I got my Remicade.

  74. Still not feeling too good, but managed to get it together to walk to town to do some errands that couldn’t wait. Nice day out today.

  75. Not feeling too good today, and have a bit of a fever, but managed to eat lunch. Looking online at Dorian, did some washing. Raining out, so staying put.

  76. Well, here’s my comment on the current post: The new school year board you made for Alice is seriously cute! I like it!

  77. How did Summer seem to disappear so soon? Oh, I know, there’s technically three weeks left, but when September rolls around, it seems everything turns to pumpkin spice, lol, which I hate!

  78. I’m still recovering from emergency kidney surgery – unfortunately I’m battling a secondary infection now. So bummed to be spending the last hurrah of summer texting in bed!

  79. You did get a good deal on those tees! And I never got a cricut, I know I’m missing out, but I don’t think I could get it to sing the way you do, didn’t realize they could make stickers with it, too! ohh! Settling in this late afternoon on Sunday, catching up with my relatives in Dorian’s path. Yikes!

  80. My day is going fine so far. We have been enjoying a little cooler weather. We are wondering where Hurricane Dorian will go.

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