Sharing Small Sock Subscription Review

I’ve always complained that my washing machine eats socks. A pair of adult socks go in, and only singles come out!! So, 3-year-old Alice’s socks don’t stand a chance!! So, needless to say we go through a LOT of socks!! I was thrilled to be offered a chance to review Sharing Small. This is a Vancouver-based sock subscription service for kids! How brilliant is that?!!?

Sharing Small socks are super cute! Each pair of socks features two children ‘explorers’ that are engaging in a new adventure!! Every month Sharing Small sends subscribers 2 pairs of socks meant for kids ages 2 to 12. But, that’s not all!! Besides the two pair of socks kids get a fun letter, color poster and a sticker!! That’s still not all!! For every subscription pair of socks that Sharing Small sends, they also donate a pair to a child in need!!

The socks are bright and fun. Each month is a new adventure and new color schemes sent to your child each month! The socks are all quality made. They look great, they are soft and warm when it’s cold and cool in the heat!! Alice says they feel squishy on her feet; I pressed further to find out what ‘squishy’ meant and Alice said “NaNa they make me jump better and walk faster” Which I am taking that to mean they feel good when she wears them. The socks are made of 75% Combed Cotton, 23% Spandex, 2% Elastic; with a needle count of 168 N and handlinked seams.

There are three different sizes of socks available; small for ages 2-4, medium for 5-8, and large for 9-12

Shipping: Sharing Small Ships to the United States and Canada


A little on the pricey side; BUT; kids get quality made socks, cute designs meant to spark their imaginations AND more importantly you are giving another child in need those same quality made socks! This is a great subscription box.

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    Sorry, but I must be missing the point. Have we got so lazy or stuck for time that we have to have our socks delivered to our door? I’d much prefer to take a child to a shop & teach them to develop life skills, manners, the value of money etc.

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