The Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle!!

DH will attest to the fact that I have an addiction to water bottles. It’s truly NOT my fault!! It’s hard to find the perfect bottle! I should say it WAS hard to find the perfect bottle, because today, I believe I’ve found that bottle! The Glasstic Glass Water Bottle. First it’s made of glass. Now, I know you’re thinking, glass? It’s gonna break! Not the Glasstic! The design of this water bottle is ingenious!! Totally a durable design! The glass water bottle is inside of a durable plastic outer casing!! If by some remote chance the glass bottle breaks it remains contained in the outer casing!! BRILLIANT!! Added bonus here, if the glass does break Glasstic offers a life time insert replacement!! (You pay just $7.99 which is the cost of the shipping! How amazing is that??)

Another reason to love this water bottle? It comes apart for easy cleaning!! I can even put it in the dishwasher to clean it!! Because the inside is glass, it really does clean FAST and easy with just a bottle brush. Besides who has time to wait for the whole dishwasher cycle?!?!  Not me!!

More reasons I tote this bottle absolutely everywhere I go?? First, it’s pink!! It’s so pretty!! Okay, I know… I know… that’s not a reason to pick a water bottle, but, truly do you pick up a bottle that doesn’t appeal to you visually? NO you don’t!  This bottle looks so intriguing! You can see the glass bottle inside. It’s unique and eye catching. Next up, durable! I’ve already dropped my new bottle in a parking lot. Not a dent on it!!

Many more reasons………My drink stays ice cold for HOURS. MY water bottle doesn’t leave condensation rings on any of the furniture!! The cap is a flip top, leak-proof lid with a safety lock prevents accidental opening & leakage. LOVE the little slide lock, I carry my bottle in my purse without fear of drenching everything inside! The handle is another big bonus for me, it’s easy to loop three fingers inside to easily carry it around on walks or trips to the playground! I also don’t stress about 2 year old Alice carrying it around! She can’t open it to make a mess, if she drops it I’m not stressed either! Don’t want to use the handle? NO problem, it snaps tightly to the side of the bottle!

The lid folds all the way over when you open it, 180 degrees!! The lid isn’t smashing into my face. (Seriously! Is this a great water bottle or WHAT!??!)

The most important feature of this bottle goes back to being glass! It’s like drinking out of glass! PURE taste!! No metal taste, no plastic taste, only MY beverage!! Don’t even get me started on the BPA factor!! I recently read a study that even if a product is rated BPA-free it still can leach endocrine-disrupting chemicals into your food or drink! It still has the potential to be harmful to your health! You don’t have to worry about that with glass. See?? Perfect!!

I’m lovin’ my 16 ounces of ice cold beverage! Glasstic is 100% perfect for me!! I think you’ll be equally as thrilled!

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