Shenzhen Knives: 3 piece Ceramic Knife Set

Since the first time I heard the term ‘ ceramic’ and ‘knife’ combined together I’ve been curious about just how sharp could they possibly be?? Well, trust me these puppies are SHARP!!  Yup, you are thinking correctly, Connie cut herself with her new knife set. YUP did it the first day they arrived! Not bad, just enough to draw blood, I was arranging my new ceramic knives for the photo and dropped the smaller knife from just a couple inches above my hand and it took two weeks to heal!! I’m serious, this little knife barely fell on my hand! WOWOW!! and yes, OUCH!!! Yes, I’m a big baby.

The Shenzhen Knives set includes the 6.5″ Chef’s Knife, 5″ Slicing Knife, and 4″ Paring Knife. This amazing 3-piece set covers so many of my food cutting jobs. My new knife set will never rust and are super easy to clean. I love that the knives do not hold onto food odors like onions! Did you know that since ceramic doesn’t absorb flavors and odors from foods will also help keep my fruits and veggies from browning as quickly. WHO KNEW!?!?

I’ve never sliced and diced potatoes, onions for potato soup so fast. With absolutely NO EFFORT!! These knives are amazing!!

Ceramic knives don’t need to be sharpened as often as steel knives. Yes, you can sharpen the ceramic knives.  Ceramic knives aren’t meant to replace your steel knives they are amazing on fruits and vegetables. It takes very little pressure to cut through things like tomatoes and onions! Ceramic knives are not intended for use on frozen items, hard cheese and such because it could chip or break the knife blade.

THE CERAMIC ADVANTAGE Imagine paper thin tomato slices or perfectly diced onions, Shenzhen Ceramic Knives give you precision slicing every time due to ceramic’s special material properties. The blade is made of an advanced ceramic called zirconium oxide that is much harder than steel, and second in hardness to only diamond.Ceramic blanks are produced by dry pressing zirconia powder and subjecting the blanks through an advanced heating process called, sintering. The ceramic blanks are then sharpened and honed to a razor sharp edge and attached to the knife handle. This results in an extremely hard blade that maintains its edge approximately 10-15 times longer than steel knives. That means your ceramic knives can be used longer without resharpening.
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