Sheshhh everyone KNOWS this!!

Dr. Louie wants to know what it is with me and M&M’s. My answer to her is…. ”Don’t you keep up on what is healthy?” Experts say you should fill your plate with colors!


+greens, + yellows, +reds etc…..

I know it works! I always feel better immediately.

Then my darling baby sister sent DH a way to keep me outta the peanut butter (that is if I could find the stupid jar!) She’s in trouble too!!

The long weekend is coming to a close. I did pretty good sticking to my healthy food choices. I didn’t do a lot of exercising but I am getting on the wii to challenge DH as soon as I post this. Kaki and I resume our morning walks tomorrow. So I think I will be fine on Wednesday for weigh in day. (But keep your fingers crossed for me just in case!!)

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.

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