Shoplet Sharpie Pens!! LOVE ’em!!

I have an obsession with, well, a lot of things actually! Purses, shoes, iPad cover and one obsession that I can afford to feed more often. PENS!! I love pens!! I love markers, I love the different colors! I love them ALL. Do NOT take me down the pen aisle! I WILL buy a new pen every time!! Sharpie markers are my go-to pens for arts and crafts. Sharpie metallic markers are my MUST have pen to send out Christmas cards. I LOVE the silver and gold!! LOVE!!

sharpie1Did you know that Sharpie pens now come in a fine line NEON!! The grandkids were so excited to draw with the new neon colors!! Okay, okay so was I! They are PENS!!! With COLORS!!!

Starting with the Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers. Fun FUN Fun!! Love the colors!! I really like the fine line! Of course the neon pink is my favorite color!

We are making an Easter Egg wreath out of plastic eggs. The kids décorated the eggs with stickers and Sharpie markers! The Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers really added POP to the eggs!! I love that the ink dried almost immediately and stayed put!! This ink didn’t smear!! I LOVE that!! We aren’t quiet done with the wreath, but, y’all know photo’s will be coming!!

We also decorated a pair of Sharpie sunglasses with our new neon and metallic Sharpies.  OH my gosh!! Alice had so much décorating these!!

You know I always save my favorite for last. This one I immediately declared MINE!!! No one else TOUCH!! This pen takes care of all of my desires in a pen. First, my Sharpie Premium Pen looks sharp!! (I made a funny!!) This is a classy looking pen made of stainless steel with a fine tip. The ink doesn’t bleed through. This is a great pen!! I love a pen that glides on the paper. Another big bonus? The ink doesn’t smear!! This is a pen I don’t lend out! Sorry, not sharing this pen!!

I am always pleased with Sharpie products from Sanford Pens. The ink lasts longer than other brands. The caps are more snug than other brands so the ink doesn’t dry out!! I seriously don’t ever consider other products!! Sanford pens are perfect!! The best place I’ve found to get them is at Shoplet. These guys have everything from promotional products, promotional shirts, office stationery!! They have everything!! I can’t think of better place to go for all of your office supplies than Shoplet!

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